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Women's Basketball Player Juju Watkins in Two-Piece Workout Gear is "So Lucki"

“Too fly,” commented one of her followers.

Juju Watkins is feeling lucky! In a recent social media post the USC NCAA women's basketball star shows off her washboard abs in a crop top and shorts. "So lucki," she captioned the Instagram photo. "Too fly," commented one of her followers. "Young legend," added another. How does the basketball star approach health and wellness? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits.  


Prioritizing Mental Health

JuJu tries to keep her stress to a minimum, even when it comes to March Madness. "Of course I want to win, that's definitely the goal," she recently told Women's Health. "But personally, I don't think I feel any pressure—I think that it's just within the team to make sure that we handle business."


Alone Times

Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

JuJu takes care of her mental health by "making sure that I have a place to go to when things get a little hectic on the court," she told Women's Health. "What helps me is really isolating sometimes and getting that alone time—which I don't usually get with my team or family—[and] just finding that space mentally," she added. This helps her "relax and not really think about the things going on."



In another interview with Women's Health Juju talked about self-care. "My advice would be to find what brings you happiness outside of your sport. For me, self-care means indulging in things like shopping or catching a movie. I prioritize making time for these activities to reset and recharge," she said. 


Fueling Her Body with Food


Before a game Juju makes sure to fuel up. "Step one, make sure that you are eating and have the right fuel in your body. I like to eat a bean burrito before every game. Everything that I do before a game depends on like my mood for the day," she told Uninterrupted.


Training Alone

"For me, personal training and kind of getting in the lab by myself is really important. I do that pretty often. Even when I do have team practices throughout the week, I still find time to work on my craft alone because I feel like that's where I benefit the most, just from my game and knowing what I need to work on and just getting it done," she told Uninterrupted. 

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