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WWE Star Bayley In Two-Piece Workout Gear Shows "Active Recovery" Routine

She’s always on the move. 

WWE star Bayley (real name Pamela Rose Martinez) keeps moving even while she is having a recovery day from training. Bayley, 34, shared a video of herself wearing two-piece workout gear, juggling sandbags while using a resistance band in her backyard. "Active recovery 🤹🏻‍♀️," she captioned the post. "Try that with Bulgarian bags and I'll be impressed," commented fellow fighter Shayna Baszler. Here's what else Bayley does to stay fit, strong, and ready to rumble.


Professional Guidance


Bayley relies on the expertise of professionals to keep her on top of her game. "For a couple of years, I was like kind of just doing whatever I wanted," she told Indulgexpress. "I'm on a stricter diet now. I have a nutritionist and a strength coach and he really keeps me in check. It's like the boring stuff you see online. It's like chicken rice and veggies, yogurt and protein powder, oatmeal and eggs."


Women In Sports

Bayley is incredibly proud to represent women in sports. "Yesterday, I went to an NBA game and the Milwaukee Bucks were wearing a shirt that said, 'support women in sports.' I took a bunch of pictures of it because it was just amazing to see them support women in sports," she told Indulgexpress. "It really made me appreciate where I was because of that exact reason. We are just as big as any male athlete right now. And in WWE, our fan base is so strong. The guys in the backstage locker room are our brothers. Some of them are like father figures. I feel very grateful to be in this position and we don't take it for granted."


Supporting Her Dreams

Bayley's family always supported her wrestling dreams. "My brother was also a huge fan," she told Tampa Bay Times. "We would watch the shows together all the time. We would wrestle around the living room and make up names. We had our own wrestling federation called "Wrestling for Kids." But he kind of grew out of it and I never did. My mom was kind of nervous when I started training. But she had faith in me."


Advice For Fighters

Bayley has good advice for up and coming fighters. "You have to be in it for the long run and you have to be consistent," he told Indulgexpress. "The road will always be full of ups and downs, but if you stay consistent with your goals and your work ethic, you're going to get to where you want to be."


Wrestling Heroes

Bayley is inspired by the fighters who blazed a trail for her. "It was more of the era," she told Tampa Bay Times. "With Trish, Lita, Victoria, Molly Holly, Beth Phoenix. Ivory was a huge influence. They were so good and the crowd cared so much about them. I thought that was amazing. Lita was my favorite. She was so different. She looked different. She approached her match differently. And I always felt a connection that way. Because I was a tomboy. I wasn't like the other girly girls. And she was like me."

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