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Yanet Garcia in Workout Gear Says "Let's Train Together"

Here are her fitness tips.

"World's Hottest Weather Girl" Yanet Garcia is so much more than just a model and TV star—the 33-year-old is also a trainer and certified health coach who thrives on helping clients live their fittest, healthiest lives. Garcia shared a picture of herself wearing a lilac two-piece workout outfit, holding dumbbells in each hand. "Let's train together," she captioned the post. Garcia is all about holistic health, and being the best advertisement for her coaching skills—here's what her wellness mantra and advice looks like.


Calories Are Not Created Equal

Garcia says relying on calories to be healthy is not enough, as 100 calories of sugary soda and 100 calories of broccoli impact the body differently. "When planning a meal, the thought of how many calories does this contain rarely crosses my mind anymore," she captioned an Instagram post. "I don't count calories on a regular basis and you shouldn't have to either. Despite what many of us have been led to believe, not all calories are equal. Your body is not going to react to 100 calories of cotton candy the same way it would to 100 calories of plain oatmeal. Which would you choose? For me, it's an easy choice, as I've learned which food will help maintain my weight and make me feel healthy and vibrant because it's giving my body the nutrients it needs to thrive."


Stretching Every Day

Garcia stretches every day, and recommends her clients do the same. "The benefits of stretching daily:

-Increased flexibility and range of motion

-Improved posture

-Promotes circulation

-Decreases or prevents back pain

-Relieves stress and calms the mind

-Improves performance

-Reduces your risk of injury

-Helps you live longer," she captioned an Instagram post.


Fitness Philosophy


Garcia's fitness philosophy is based on a few non-negotiables. "It's definitely been a long process that required a lot of discipline but it was worth it," she told Women's Fitness. "Believe you can achieve it. Work hard every day and do something. Take care of your diet as it is very important. Rest and being hydrated. Squats really helped me to reach my goals."


Brain Health

Garcia doesn't just work out for physical appearance, she wants to keep her brain as healthy as possible for as long as possible. "Health isn't all about losing a few pounds or about the absence of chronic disease; it's about feeling good, showing up, and giving your highest gifts to the world," she captioned an Instagram post. Here is Garcia's daily routine for a better brain:

-Eat healthy fats 🥑

-Optimize protein 💪🏻

-Eat colorful plant foods 🥦🍎🫐🥒🍏

-Avoid sugar and processed carbs ❌🍭🧁

-Move the body 🏃‍♀️

-Relax and calm the mind 🧘‍♀️

Garcia's advice is good—research shows healthy fats from avocados, olive oil, and fish are all good for brain health, as is exercise and meditation.


Oatmeal For Breakfast

Garcia loves delicious oats for a healthy, filling breakfast. "Oats are a great heart-healthy way to start the day and contain a type of soluble fiber called beta glucan that helps to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease," Garcia says. "The fiber and protein content help keep you satisfied between meals and slow down blood glucose release. In addition to their fiber content, oats are an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals, including copper, magnesium, zinc and thiamine."


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