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Yellowjackets' Sammi Hanratty Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Bachelorette Party"

Here are her top lifestyle habits.

Sammi Hanratty is cruising through her pre-wedding festivities in her swimsuit. In a recent post the Yellowjackets star flaunts her incredible body in a bridal-themed swimsuit while partying with her girls on a Carnival cruise. "Bachelorette party🥳So grateful to my friends and family for making me feel so special and celebrated!!!" she captioned the post. How does the actress prioritize her health and wellness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Avoiding Animal Products

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Hanratty might play a cannibal on Yellowjackets, but in real life she doesn't even touch any animal products. ​"Everything I'm eating is Beyond Meat, just because I'm vegan, so they just reassure me that every time blood sprays in my face, 'Don't worry! It's vegan!'" she told The Daily Beast.


Prioritizing Mental Health

Sammi is proactive about her mental health. "I just started new anti anxiety meds and so far so good. A couple of bumps in the road but that's to be expected when transitioning to new meds. Being out in nature has really helped me this week while my body acclimates. I also found out recently I have ADHD so I might be getting on meds for that as well still not sure but trying to figure it out before I go back to work! If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or ADHD I'm right there with you baby!!! We will get through it together," she captioned a recent Instagram post, wearing a swimsuit at a waterfall. 


Avoiding Food Allergies


"Growing up, I was sick a lot. I had a gut condition that I didn't realize. I was in and out of hospitals and urgent cares," Hanratty told The Daily Beast. "I didn't really know what was wrong with me for most of my life. It's so crazy because I've been working for twenty years now—I started when I was six—and any time I had a break and wasn't filming, I was sick. It was almost like my body wouldn't let me be sick when I had work, and the second a weekend came, I would have a fever and we didn't really know what was going on." When she learned that her health issues were connected to food, she made some major changes. "So now, I can't really eat anything. I'm allergic to avocados, cucumbers, broccoli, banana, cinnamon, curry, fennel, ginger. So many things. But now I'm not sick all the time, so… yay!" she added. "So I'm vegan, allergic to over 30 foods, and now I found out I have GERD which means I need to stay away from foods that contain a lot of acid. So I'm just gonna enjoy a big bowl of water for breakfast. Lol time to do some research and see what I can do!" she tweeted


High Intensity Interval Training


Sammi is a fan of HIIT workouts. "Time to get back into my workout out routine. I'm going to @TrainingMate everydayyy. what is your workout routine?? A unique 45-minute circuit of high-intensity interval training group fitness class combining cardio & resistance exercises," she tweeted


TRX Workouts

Sammi also does a lot of TRX workouts. "These are some videos from my current workouts💪🏻 since going vegan my workouts have improved greatly🙌🏻 I was always told the opposite would happen but I feel stronger and healthier," she captioned this Instagram image. 

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