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You People Star Nia Long Shares Swimsuit Photo From Greece

The skincare tips she swears by.

You People star Nia Long went on vacation to Santorini, Greece, earlier this year, and the trip looked magical. Long, who played Fatima in the 2023 comedy movie, shared a picture of herself posing in a swimsuit in the sunshine, her bare skin glowing in the Mediterranean sun. "Beauty!" a fan commented. Long has been on our screens for over 25 years and looks incredible—here's how the 53-year-old seems to be aging in reverse.


Holistic Beauty

Long's ageless complexion is the result of a holistic health regimen. "I think natural is better," she says. "That's not to say that I don't like nice things when it comes to looking and feeling good but I do think that natural-based products work best for my skin. I was raised a vegetarian and have always eaten pretty healthy. When you feel good on the inside, you feel good on the outside too—I'm all about a full mind, body, soul and wellness connection. I'm not against anything that makes you feel and look good but I do believe that you should only do what's needed. I haven't done Botox or fillers yet but for me, right now, I don't feel that it is necessary."


Dry Skin Solutions


Long swears by hydrating rosewater to protect her skin. "I have dry skin, and most African American women have oily skin," she says. "What happens is when you're under the lights all day, whether you have oily or dry skin, you start to feel dry. And what I've learned over the years is—Chantecaille has this amazing rosewater—and I spray the rosewater on my face, and then I dab a little bit of moisturizer in the areas where I see the foundation or powder is cakey. It just instantly brightens your skin. But the key is you can't wipe, you have to dab."


Yoga and Pilates


Long believes prevention is better than cure when it comes to health. "African American women tend to gain a lot of weight in their hips and tummy and for us, if you wait too long to change your diet or start working out, it becomes too hard," she says. "So I don't fall victim to those problem areas, I eat healthy, organic foods and keep the weight off with a lot of yoga, Pilates and jump rope, which I try and do every day for the length of at least one song."


Olympic Spa


Long is a fan of day spas for skincare and relaxation. "I have been going to Olympic Spa, an Asian day spa, in Los Angeles for 17 years," she says. "My aesthetician there does this massage on my face that makes it look lifted and healthy. She takes really good care of my skin and even though she thoroughly cleans my pores, she knows how to not leave me with dark marks that women of color often get. I also get microdermabrasion regularly at Dr. Harold Lancer's office and, depending on what my skin needs at the moment, finish it off under the red or blue lights or I treat it to an oxygen treatment."


Short Hair Don't Care


Long frequently adopts short hair, which perfectly shows off her stunning features. "I think I'm more of a short-hair girl; short hair is a lot more low-maintenance than long hair," she says. "And when you're in front of the camera every day and your hair is being flat ironed and blow-dried it's easier to have a weave so you don't damage your own hair. Right now, I have braids and I love them and I wish I could wear them every day for every character."

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