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Ashley Roberts in Bathing Suit is "Hot"

Here’s how this dancer stays fit, happy, and healthy.

I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! star Ashley Roberts is having fun over the long weekend. Roberts, 41, shared a picture of herself laying on a lounger at Soho Farmhouse in the UK, soaking up the sun in a black bathing suit. "Hot!" a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Roberts stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Circuit Training and Spinning

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Roberts loves to mix up her workouts. "I do a lot of metabolic circuit training and spinning, which I balance out with a hot yoga class to stretch my muscles," she says. "It's important to mix it up so your body doesn't get into a routine as that's when you lose the fat-burning element. I enjoy working out. It makes me feel healthy as I'm doing something positive for my body and heart."


Everything In Moderation

Roberts focuses on mostly healthy choices with occasional treats. "While I eat a lot of organic chicken and vegetables I still enjoy a nice Mexican dinner or a cookie," she says. "With crash diets all you're doing is messing up your metabolism. Keep everything in moderation and watch your portion size."


Workouts Are Me-Time

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Roberts treats her workouts as much needed self-care. "I work out as often as I can—I'm addicted to feeling my heart pumping," she says. "I love SoulCycle, hiking with my mom, and yoga. Camel pose is one of my favorites: When I hear my heart pumping, I feel alive."


Keep Moving For Mental Health

Roberts uses music and movement as a way to support her mental health. "When you're feeling low put on some music and just wiggle your body; even if you're not feeling up for exercising if you do some kind of movement it gets the endorphins going," she says. "That was something I did naturally but as I've got older dance isn't necessarily part of my life like it was before. If you're feeling a bit low put on some music, bounce around and not to quote Taylor Swift but 'shake it off' and I'm telling you, you'll feel better, even after just one song. And drink lots of water, we've got to hydrate."


Stress-Busting Methods

Roberts stays on top of her stress by making lists and taking a hot shower before bedtime. "I also ask a ton of questions in advance—it helps me feel stable and takes away some stress," she says. "I'll never be someone who's like, 'Hey, what's on the books for tomorrow?'" I always make sure I know. Going from running around all day to jumping into bed and falling asleep doesn't work for me. I always need to clear my head first."

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