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Cardi B in Bathing Suit is on the "Runway"

Here is how the rapper stays fit. 

Cardi B's curves are on fleek! The chart-topping rapper flaunts her fabulous figure via her latest Instagram post, modeling a blue swimsuit. "Runway on Miss Belcalis," the WAP rapper captioned the series of snaps. How does the mother-of-two maintain her famous physique? Read on to see 7 ways Cardi B stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Only Eats Twice a Day

Cardi isn't a three-meals-a-day kind of gal. "I also only eat twice a day," the rapper dished in one of her Instagram Stories. "I eat a big breakfast and then I eat a big dinner." "Eating breakfast may reduce your hunger later in the day, which may make it easier to avoid overeating. When you skip breakfast, you may feel ravenous later and be tempted to reach for a quick fix — such as vending machine candy or doughnuts. In addition, eating breakfast may reduce cravings, especially for sweets and fats," says the Mayo Clinic.


She Dabbles in a Plant-Based Diet

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Like Beyoncé, Cardi dabbles in plant-based eating. "Gotta' eat a lil' bit more healthy and see what the f**k is up," she said in an Instagram Story, per Live Kindly. "[It's my] first time eating vegan, y'all. I hope I don't waste my money. There's a burrito and there's a pancake."


She Eats a Lot of Fruit and Veggies

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In 2021 Cardi opened up her kitchen to fans via her Instagram Stories. What's in her fridge? A lot of produce, including clementines, bananas, apples, pomegranate seeds, pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and carrots and celery.


Candy Is Her Cheat Food


While Cardi's diet is mostly healthy, she makes sure to keep an arsenal of candy on hand. "And then the bad things!" she captioned a shot, revealing bowls of sweet treats including Starbursts, Kit Kats, Hot Tamales, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Haribo gummies, Jolly Ranchers, and Blow Pops. 


She Doesn't Like Being Skinny

Cardi doesn't strive for skinny. After welcoming her daughter, she revealed during an Instagram Live session that she wasn't happy with her body. "I've been very depressed because I cannot stop losing weight. And it's so crazy because when I first gave birth, I did everything to lose my baby weight. I was drinking Teami [weight loss tea] so it could curb my appetite and now that I lost all the baby weight I don't like looking too skinny," she said. "I used to look too skinny as a teenager and I used to hate it and I hate it now. It's been really depressing me, making me sad. My weight. You know what I'm saying," she continued. "S— is so stressful, not having no appetite at all," she said. "I want to gain weight so bad. I'm really trying to gain weight ya'll and it's been hard and I don't know how."


She Struggles to Find Time for Exercise

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Though Cardi is constantly dancing, which is a great calorie-blasting activity, she struggles to find time to slip in a workout. "If I'm not working, I gotta make sure my baby's okay," she said. "I might just get a little lipo, you know what I'm sayin'?"


She Tries Different Workouts

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In her TV series on Facebook Watch, Cardi Tries, Cardi tries new workouts. In one episode she even does gymnastics (while pregnant!) with Natasya Generalova, a member of the U.S. rhythmic gymnastics national team. "When it comes to the ribbon, it's like whipping for pancakes for like a hole hour," Cardi said about the arm burn she experienced. 

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