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Catherine Zeta-Jones in Bathing Suit Says "It's Officially Summer"

Here's how she stays fit.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Hollywood icon, an Oscar-winner who made a splash in films including Chicago, The Mask of Zorro, Traffic and Entrapment. (She next plays Morticia in Tim Burton's Wednesday series, based on The Addams Family.) Just thinking about her brings back happy 1990s/2000s vibes, and she must feel the same way; she just shared a throwback photo in a bathing suit. "It's officially summer! Who else is excited for this warm, sunny weather!?," she captioned a it. How does she stay so fit at 52? Read on to see 5 ways Catherine Zeta-Jones stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Likes Weighted Hula Hoops

Weighted hula hoops seem to be a new craze, even being labeled as a game-changer. "I'm obsessed with hula-hooping," she said. "I do it for 20 minutes a day. I don't use the old-fashioned hollow plastic kind we had when we were kids, but I discovered a new one that's smaller and weighted." "Hula hooping can provide similar results to other types of aerobic activities, such as dancing — including salsa, hula, belly and swing dancing. On average, women can burn about 165 calories in 30 minutes of hula hooping, and men can burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes of hula hooping," says the Mayo Clinic.


Convenience Is Key


Convenience is so important when it comes to staying consistent with your workouts. When you have a busy schedule like Catherine, it helps to have a lot of things in your home gym. Catherine's home gym even includes things like a ballet barre, a pool, and even a tap-dance area to keep things mixed up. "I turn the music up so loud that the walls are pulsating, and I go for it for an hour," she said.


She Loves To Swim

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

As previously mentioned, a pool is part of her home gym. "If I become a little lethargic or lax in the physical part of my life, I get stressed. So I swim," she said. "I have one of those pools where I can swim against the tide." According to the Mayo Clinic, "swimming is often touted as a great workout for all ages, offering benefits not only for the body, but also for the mind. As a form of exercise, swimming keeps your heart rate up and builds muscle strength. It also can be a great form of stress relief." It's easy on the joints and great for cardiac health. 


She Makes Time While Traveling

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Traveling is such a crucial, important part of life, and particularly an important part of the field that Catherine Zeta-Jones is in. It's just going to come with the territory, so knowing how to stay on track while being thrown off your regular schedule is important. While traveling, she'll look for activities like paddle boarding or skiing depending on the area she's in. 


She Does It On Her Own


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There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a trainer and needing that extra push, but she prefers to do it solo. "I don't have a trainer. Crazy, right? But I don't need anyone to motivate me. I love exercise, even things like the cross trainer and stretching," she explains.

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