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Cheyenne Tozzi in Bathing Suit is a "Beauty"

She does yoga and Pilates.

Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi is well-known for her down-to-earth attitude as she is for her gorgeous looks. The 33-year-old posted a photo of herself wearing two stunning one-piece swimsuits on Instagram, to the delight of her fans. "Beauty," one commenter said. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Tozzi stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Keeps Things Balanced

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Tozzi focuses on what makes her feel good throughout the day, instead of feeling restricted. "My lifestyle centers around training and eating well and I think it's more about how you're born; some girls are bigger and some girls are born with a tiny little frame and it's just about getting to a stage where you're happy with yourself," she says. "Do as much exercise as you can – those little bits and pieces you do every day can really change your outlook. I think it's more about feeling better, if you wake up and you feel like 'ugh' and you have a packet of chips you'll probably feel worse."


She Loves Coconut Oil


Tozzi is obsessed with coconut oil, both for cooking and for beauty treatments. "I love coconut oil!" she says. "It's delicious and reminds me of those Bounty chocolates, which I love! I'll put, like, seven jars of coconut oil in a bath and just sit there. I swear I'm nuts! I also cook with it. Water and lemon is also one of my secrets. Having that in the morning is one of the best things you can do as it resets your mindset, so instead of thinking, 'Ooh I'm going to have a burger for lunch', you think, 'I'll go for the salad'. It cleanses you!"


She Does Yoga and Pilates

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Tozzi has a personal trainer come to her house on a regular basis for workout sessions. "Obviously there's the days where I want spaghetti and I can eat," she says. "I train, I have a yoga teacher, a pilates teacher and a trainer, Christian Miranda… He'll come to my house. He's like a family friend but he makes me do those burpee things that are awful, they're so rude!"


She Is Low Maintenance

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Tozzi is relaxed about her beauty routine, something that runs in the family. "My aunts, my mum, they were all models and they all look incredible," she says. "We weren't nuts on product after product because we're just very relaxed. In Australia I think you're really lucky to have that outdoor kind of thing, so you jump in the ocean if your skin's bad [and use] aloe vera. I love moisturizing with coconut oil and salt water's extremely good. I think keeping yourself dewy is nice."


She Meditates

Tozzi is careful to nurture her mental health as well as her physical wellbeing. "I have a meditation teacher who just recently joined my team," she says. "My mum's always been a real supporter of keeping things calm and easy. My life is really full-on, but I'm surrounded by good people, fun and music… and lots of dancing. We have mini-dance parties every evening around 6pm when we put on our new favorite song and debrief. I've always been such a flower child in the sense that I just want to go run around the garden and have fun and laugh."

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