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Claudia Alende in Bathing Suit is "Sick in Bed"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Claudia Alende is a model and social media influencer. She shares a lot of gorgeous photos on Instagram. Alende just shared a new set of stunning photos this week. In them, she posed in a black bathing suit top and matching skirt. She captioned the post, "Sick in bed. 🤧 But let's pretend i'm fine like in these pictures." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Claudia Alende stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Eats Two Healthy Meals

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Alende opened up about her diet to Women Fitness. She broke down her typical meals in a day. Alende revealed that she has one meal where she indulges, and the other two are healthy.  "My breakfast is the least healthy meal of my day, actually – waffles with caramel syrup and orange juice. Then the rest of my day is organic, healthy meals. Usually one protein, vegetables and one carb."


She Balances Her Diet

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Alende opened up about her approach to food in her Women Fitness interview. She says that she believes in having a balanced diet each day. "I really don't have a day or weekends for cheat meals. I feel like I have a healthy relationship with food. I don't 'diet.' If I want to eat pizza on a Monday, I go for it. You need to find a balance."


She Does What She Wants

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Alende is all about going after what she wants. She advises others to do the same in her Women Fitness interview. "Go with your passion. The only way to succeed is to go for it with your soul and never ever quit…I think people should do what makes them happy. If you're unsatisfied with something and feel the need to change, and it will make you happier, then go for it."


She's Positive

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Alende is all about positivity. She tells that this is one of her reasons for her success. "For sure, a positive attitude and believing in myself, the belief you can succeed, believing in your ideas, ignoring others that might think the opposite, focusing all your energy on your goals – that's the mindset that brought me here."


She Goes To The Beach

Alende loves to go to the beach. She shares a lot of photos on Instagram of herself spending time by the water. Alende posted this set of photos of herself and her sister spending a day at the beach. In them, they are seen climbing on the rocks by the water. She captioned the post, "Island days." She also shared these photos of herself wading in the ocean in Malibu. Alende captioned the post, "That one time I went outside."

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