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Elizabeth Banks in Bathing Suit Says "Next Stop Greece"

Here are her top 6 stay-fit tricks.

Elizabeth Banks is showing off her vacation style in her swimsuit! The Hunger Games star flaunts her fabulous figure in a cherry print swimsuit via her latest Instagram Reel. "Next stop Greece," she captioned the short clip, which started with her walking with her suitcase at the airport and ended with her, swimsuit-clad and walking next to a pool overlooking the ocean. How does the actress maintain her fit physique? Read on to see Elizabeth Banks' top 6 tricks to staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Doesn't Keep Junk Food Around

If you want to make sure you don't eat junk, the answer is simple, says Elizabeth: Don't buy it."People ask me how I stay thin, and I'm like, 'When you go to the grocery store, buy more bananas than cookies,' " she told Women's Health. "These yellow fruits may be the best-known source of potassium. Indeed, one medium banana contains about 422 milligrams. Banana's cousin, the plantain, is also a potassium-rich pick," says the Cleveland Clinic.


If You Do Have Junk Food, Hide It


Most moms are well aware that it is tough to keep all junk food and sweets out of the house. So, Elizabeth has a trick for that too. "[The freezer] is where my Girl Scout cookies are," she told Women's Health. That way, she knows where they are, but doesn't have to look at them constantly. 


This Is How She Slims Down Fast

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While she eats healthy and has a fast metabolism, when she needs to slim down fast Elizabeth cuts a few things from her diet. Most of them are white! "It's essentially a gluten-free diet: no rice, no bread, no pasta," she says. "I'll eat tons of protein and veggies. Also, I just drink water and tea. . .and alcohol," she told Women's Health. 


She Shares Meals with Her Husband

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Elizabeth has another trick for eating less: She shares meals with her husband. "Portion control is a real problem," she told Women's Health. "My husband and I always split one appetizer and one entree. I'm sure waiters hate us."


She Exercises Daily

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

"Fitness is a part of life. It should be a part of everyone's daily routine. I do try to workout and be a fit person," Banks told Healthy Hollywood. "I do a lot of resistance training and little bit of weight training. I don't do a ton of cardio because I try and mix the cardio into the actual workout, just like they do here in CrossFit."


She Focuses on Being Strong Not Skinny

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Elizabeth wants to be strong, not thin. "It's all about keeping the core strong. I do think, especially as I get older, it's really important to just be strong." Try a bird dog to strengthen your core. "Assume an all-fours position, with hands shoulder-width apart and knees hip-distance apart. Brace the core and extend your right leg behind you. Keep the foot level with the hip. Next, extend your left arm forward with the thumb facing upward. Keep the hand level with the shoulder. Hold and repeat on the opposite side," says ACE Fitness.

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