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Elle Macpherson Shows Off Her Famous Legs in Swimsuit

Here’s everything she does to keep herself so fit.

Elle Macpherson is 59, and still looks every bit the supermodel as she did in her twenties when earned her nickname, "The Body." This week the statuesque stunner shared a photo of herself walking from behind in a high cut swimsuit, flaunting her beyond fit figure and legs-for-miles. How does the Aussie beauty keep herself so fit?  Read on to see 6 ways Elle Macpherson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Prioritizes Wellness

Elle Macpherson/Instagram

Wellness is Elle's priority year-round. "I believe in maintenance, I'm not a big binge and purge person," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I think it's really important to maintain wellness year-round. Not because it looks good but it actually feels good – which is really important when you're running a business and you've got kids and a full life. It's easy – I just make good choices and I enjoy the choices that I make." 


She Follows an Alkaline, Plant-Based Diet


Elle follows an alkaline diet, rich in veggies. "I really enjoy a plant-based diet, I love vegetables," she told Harper's Bazaar. "If I'm really in my groove, I love a raw, plant-based diet," she added to New Beauty. "That's how I feel best. I eat grains, nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables, almond milk, hemp milk, chia seeds. I make my own granola in a dehydrator. Avocado, salads, juicing—you know, beautiful, whole, natural foods. As far as animal products are concerned, I'll have a poached egg every now and then, some Parmesan cheese and goat cheese, but they're not staples of my diet."


She Gives Up Wheat and Sugar for Summer

Prior to swimsuit season, Elle makes dietary sacrifices. "Coming up for summer what I try to cut out is wheat and sugar. If you love bread and butter, that would be what I'd give up for the summer. For me it's a 'fine tune' more than anything else," she told Harper's Bazaar. 


She Starts the Day with Hot Water and Lemon

Sven Hoppe/Getty Images

Elle is one of the many stars who get the day started with a lemon water elixir. "The first thing I have is hot water and lemon when I wake up, then my Super Elixir greens and a matcha tea. Sometimes I have cap-full of apple cider vinegar in water if I'm feeling like I'm inflamed. I drink three litres of water a day and my Sleep Welle Tea at night," she told Harper's Bazaar. 


She Curbed Her Craving for Sugar with Supplements

Elle maintains that one of her supplements keeps her sugar cravings away. "Since I've been taking the Super Elixir I don't crave sugar anymore and so when I have cheap sugar now I just don't like the taste. Sugar is addictive but breaking that addiction only takes about three days. Do a week of taking the Super Elixir greens and then try to give up sugar, it's usually pretty successful, she told Harper's Bazaar. 


She Stays Active Outdoors

Miguel Medina/Getty Images

Elle prefers outdoor activities to sweating away in a gym. "I do sports like water skiing, running, cycling, swimming laps, snow skiing if it's winter, walking the dogs – I just love to be outdoors," she told Harper's Bazaar. "If I'm lucky enough to be by the sea, I think walking in seawater is one of the best things I can do for my body. It tones the legs and the waist, it's great for minerals, and if you have any water retention, it's a great diuretic. I walk in about thigh-deep or knee-deep water for 40 minutes to an hour," she added to New Beauty. 


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