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Eva Longoria Shares Workout That Melts Fat Fast

Here is how the actress stays so fit. 

If you want a body like Eva Longoria, you are going to have to work for it! The 46-year-old kicked off the week by revealing what an average workout session looks like for her via social media. "I just finished. Bounce, weights, trainer. Never miss a Monday. Never. Miss. A. Monday," she said during her Instagram Stories clip, looking absolutely exhausted post-workout sesh. She also revealed a few of her moves. Read on to see 5 ways Eva Longoria stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Does This Squat Combo

Eva Longoria/Instagram

Because just doing a squat wouldn't be enough for Eva, she showed off a combination move. In her banded squat to side kick, she wears an exercise band around her thighs, squats, and then kicks a leg out to the side. Then, she squats again, and kicks the other leg out. Want to steal Eva's workout style? In this clip she wears Buffbunny Collection's Rosa Sports Bra ($48) & Rosa Pocket Bike Short in Vineyard Dark Red ($54).


She Also Does This Modified Plank

Most people struggle to execute a standard plank, but not Eva. She is in such fantastic shape that she can do an extremely tough modification, which involves planking and then rotating her body to the side, back into plank, and then to the other side. She shared a video of this move over the weekend. Eva also wore Buffbunny in this workout video, the Revolution Sports Bra ($48) & Rosa Legging in Midnight Navy ($68).


Her Leg Workout Is Intense

To kick off 2022, Eva shared a video detailing her leg workout, and it was just as brutal as you might expect. For most of the moves she wore her resistance band to maximize the burn as she squatted, lunged, and kick-backed her way through the routine. 


Here Is What Her Overall Workout Routine Looks Like

According to another one of Eva's videos, she starts her workouts with some stretches, followed by some exercises on her JumpSport trampoline—including a variety of crunches. Next, she lifts weights. "I do very heavy weights," she told Women's Health in the March 2022 issue. "I feel like my body changes the most when I do that—I wear a heart rate monitor, and I can see my heart rate spike from just doing a heavy bicep curl," she added. After lifting weights, Eva does some more ab exercises, including bicycles. Finally, she stretches. 


She Works Out Daily


Eva works out every single day for up to 75 minutes. "If I have to wake up early and take a flight, when I land, I'll go for a walk because I didn't get to work out," she told Women's Health. "Even if it's just stretching, I need to do something."

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