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Geneva Cruz in Bathing Suit Says "Watch Me"

Here’s how she stays fit.

Geneva Cruz is spending time by the beaches on Boracay Island. Naturally, she's breaking out her bikini and showing off her figure. Cruz posted a new set of photos of herself posing by the water in a yellow bathing suit. Cruz is also not about to let anyone tell her not to wear a bikini, and she made it be known in the caption of the post. She wrote, "When some people tell you not to wear a bikini on the beach because you're already in your 40s…Me: WATCH ME!"  Read on to see 5 ways Geneva Cruz stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Embraces Age

Cruz is in her 40s, but she doesn't care. She tells GMA that she embraces getting older, and is growing into a better person. "I love myself better at this age: I've learned to reevaluate myself and the others around me, I rarely worry about little things, most especially the things I have no control of, I stay away from toxic people, and get really happy and continue to work on being financially independent with my very first business which I am so nervous and excited about. I believe It's never too late to reinvent ourselves."


She's All About Self-Love

Cruz is all about self-love and acceptance. She tells GMA that she embraces her flaws. "But you gotta learn to accept and love yourselves with wrinkles, cellulites, loose-skin and all," Cruz said. "Self-love, and love for others can make your heart and skin glow."


She Eats Healthy


Cruz tells GMA that she has changed what she eats as she's gotten older. "You eat the same food as you used to eat at the age of 20, and you could gain weight really fast because our metabolism decreases and we lose muscle faster. To avoid this unpleasant issue we have to follow a healthy diet and do exercise. Unfortunately, there are no magical recipes that can help us become fit. We have to work hard to be in good shape


She Eats A Protein Rich Diet

Cruz makes sure to get enough protein in her diet. Despite being a vegetarian, she still gets enough protein from other foods like tofu and veggies. "Don't forget to eat your vegetables," she tells Push. "If you're sometimes a vegetarian like myself, you can still get your proteins through tofu, soybeans, spirulina, kale, spinach, etc., while you train."


She Buys Clothes For The Future

Cruz doesn't like to spend money on junk food. She tells Push that she likes to spend her money on nice clothing that she can wear in the future. Cruz says that this helps her stay motivated to staying healthy. "Instead, buy yourself a new dress for the future you, or a pair of new shoes," she says. "It's going to last longer than a pizza or a donut. Just saying."

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