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Georgia Hassarati in Bathing Suit Says "Help Me Pick a New Nail Colour"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Georgia Hassarati is a Netflix icon. She's appeared on both Too Hot To Handle and Perfect Match. Hassarati shares a bunch of stunning photos on Instagram. Recently, she posted a new swimsuit photo on her page. Hassarati captioned the post, "Pls help me pick a new nail colour I'm panicking and I don't wanna make a ugly decision x." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Georgia Hassarati stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Knows What She Wants

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Hassarati opened up about her experience on the show Perfect Match in an interview with Cosmopolitan. Hassarati says that she took a lot of things from the experience. "The main thing I learned from Perfect Match is what qualities I want in a partner," she says. "Being able to see all the different dynamics of relationships in that house helped me to see what I want and what I don't want in a potential partner. So, I think it was really helpful actually to have the outsider perspective on everyone's relationship to help me see that."


She's Not Afraid To Be Vulnerable

Hassarati tells Cosmopolitan how she has grown from being on Too Hot To Handle and Perfect Match. "I think it's so evident if you watched Too Hot to Handle that I have grown so much, especially with how vulnerable and open I have been to getting to know people," she explains. "I feel like with Too Hot to Handle whenever I would get close to anyone I'd kind of self-sabotage, pull away, and panic a little bit but with Perfect Match I was able to really overcome that. Be vulnerable, get to know people, not be scared of emotion, and just let my walls down, so I feel like you can see how much I've grown. It makes me really happy. I'm really proud of myself because it's hard to be vulnerable."


She Trusts Her Intuition


Hassarati tells Cosmopolitan that she is trusting her intuition a lot more now. "I regret being a little bit naive, I kind of went in there thinking that everyone was as excited to meet me as I was excited to meet them. I think it wasn't really the case, I feel like I ignored my intuition a little and I shouldn't have, always trust your gut, always listen to your intuition."


She Doesn't Care What Others Think

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Being in the public eye can be difficult. However, Hassarati tells The Things that she doesn't care about what anyone else says about her. "When the show airs people become very invested in what they see and tend to overlook the time in between. There is always going to be negativity when you open yourself up to the public in this way – it's difficult, but I think staying true to yourself and knowing opinions of people shouldn't affect how you view yourself is key. Spending time with those who truly know and love you is important also."


She Swims

Hassarati loves to spend time by the water. She shares a lot of beach photos on her Instagram. One thing Hassarati likes to do to stay in shape is going for a swim. She shared these photos on her page of herself and a friend doing some snorkeling and swimming in the Maldives. Hassarati captioned the post, "Swipe to the last pic to see my mate snorkeola jones."

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