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Heather Rae Young in Bathing Suit Rocks Handmade Look

Here’s how she stays in shape 

Heather Rae Young is enjoying her honeymoon in the Maldives wearing an extra special swimsuit. On Monday, the Selling Sunset star shared a photo highlighting her super fit figure and unique bathing suit. "This is a special place and my best friend of 15 years got this bikini handmade for me from the same designer who made my bridal shower dress so it's also a special bathing suit," she captioned the image. "Feeling so grateful to be here with my husband and just feeling so at peace. To be with a man who protects me and makes me feel safe and so loved is all I've ever dreamed of. I wake up every morning here and at home and I look over at the man that I've been manifesting my whole life. Taking in every moment and not taking anything for granted." How does the newlywed keep herself so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Heather Rae Young stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She's Always Been Active

Heather, who grew up in a small town in California, has always been active outdoors. "I had a national forest as my backyard. How many people can say that? I would hike down to the creek and swim, go sledding in the winter, and I had a handful of ski resorts to choose from. It might sound dorky, but I love skiing," she told Super Street


She Loves Exercise

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Heather doesn't just work out to look good. She actually likes it. "I'm really into fitness and running-I love kickboxing and dancing," she told Super Street.


She Works Out Every Day

"Fitness makes me so happy," she added to Women Fitness. "I never look at it like….ugh I have to workout today. I get excited to do it. Right now I do a strength training HIIT class 3-4 times a week. And on the days in between I run 3-4 miles."


She Packs Her Own Food

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When Heather travels or has long work days, she brings food with her. "I always pack my own food since I am vegan and I always workout no matter what," she told Women Fitness.

She added that she sometimes drinks her meals in the form of a protein smoothie. "Lunch is usually quinoa salad or veggie salad. I snack in between on nuts or a vegan protein bar (which has little ingredients) And I drink tea in between meals. No coffee, I actually have never tried a cup. I do have a sweet tooth though, so I choose to not even have sugar because once I start i can't stop."


She Takes Supplements


Heather is a big fan of supplements. "I take fish oil and vitamins daily," she told Women Health. "Multiple studies report modest reductions in blood pressure in people who take fish oil supplements. There's some evidence that the beneficial effects of fish oil might be greater for people with moderate to severe high blood pressure than for those with mild blood pressure elevation,"says the Mayo Clinic.

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