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Izabel Goulart in Bathing Suit is "On Set"

Here is how the model stays fit.

Izabel Goulart is hard at work in her swimsuit! The Victoria's Secret Angel alum flaunts her famous figure in her latest Instagram Story, modeling a retro swimsuit during a photoshoot. How does the catwalk crawler keep her curves in check? Read on to see 8 ways Izabel Goulart stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Prioritizes Fitness

Izabel Goulart/Instagram

Izabel, who was an athlete prior to modeling, prioritizes fitness for a variety of reasons. "I am a model professionally but I'm also an athlete, a friend, a daughter, a sister and many other things. Training has helped me overcome stress and fears to be successful in other aspects of my life," she revealed to Elle Australia. "I tell my trainers… to train me like I will become a professional in that sport. If you have focus, motivation [and] dedication, you can accomplish your goals."


She Cooks Her Own Meals

Izabel Goulart/Instagram

Izabel ensures she is eating right by preparing her own meals. "I travel a lot, but when I'm home, I cook every day," she told Elle. And, you won't find her crash dieting. "I do not believe in crazy diets [that help you] lose many kilos in just a few days. This is not good for your body," she added to Vogue.


She Loves Juice


Izabel starts her day with the help of a juicer. "The first thing I do in the morning is prepare fresh juice. I have 15 different recipes, which I drink for 15 days consecutively. Then I repeat the recipes from the beginning for the next 15 days of the month. My juices include fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, and even grains. After a workout, I have a protein drink and always keep a protein bar in my bag," she told Vogue.


Her Diet Is Simple and Healthy

Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

Izabel tries to eat gluten free, but loves bread. When she eats it, she bakes it herself. "I try to keep the foods I put in my body as basic as possible: protein, carbs and vegetables. When I go out, I just try to make the healthiest choices on the menu," she told Elle. 


She Focuses on Happiness

Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

"I don't wake up everyday thinking I have to look good, but I wake up everyday thinking I want to feel happy," she told Elle. "I want to walk in a room and be able to make people smile and laugh. It's all about confidence."


She Mixes Up Her Workouts

Izabel loves breaking a sweat al fresco and also mixes up her workouts. "My favorite outdoor activities are running, yoga, and functional training. My favorite indoor workouts are Pilates, kickboxing, functional training, and a lot of different exercises at the gym with and without weights—including TRX," she told Vogue.


She Focuses On Her Core

Izabel revealed to Vogue that she keeps her abs toned with the help of core workouts. "I have a series of exercises in which I do a lot of core. I enjoy an ab workout. I practice every day and do many different types. Now I have it all together, and I guarantee that between two and three months of practice, anyone can do it," she said. 


She Works Out in Hotel Rooms

Anthony Ghnassia/Getty Images

When traveling, Izabel has a go-to anytime, anywhere workout. "Often, I'll do a quick workout in my hotel room consisting of exercises for the legs, glutes, abs, and arms with my own body weight. Also, I always have a jump rope, a medicine ball I can inflate, and a band in my suitcase. It's a great kit to have for travel. If you don't have a gym at your destination, no problem!" she told Vogue. 

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