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Jade Yarbrough in Bathing Suit Says "I Love You Rotto"

Here’s how she stays so fit.

Jade Yarbrough is enjoying a day at the beach with friends in her swimsuit. Michael Clarke's rumored girlfriend shows off her incredible figure in a bathing suit during a beach day in Australia. "I 🫶🏼 you Rotto," she captioned a series of Instagram snaps, referring to Rottnest Island. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Jade Yarbrough stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Bikes

Living near the beach, Jade spends a lot of time riding her bike. Per the Cleveland Clinic, biking, a low-impact aerobic exercise, is great for building muscle, improving strength and flexibility, and improving balance. It can also boost mental health and help other health conditions, including arthritis. 


She Skis

Jade also loves to ski in the winter, which has been linked a number of health benefits by research. In addition to promoting physical fitness, it may decrease risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Studies have also found that the more frequently a person skis, prevalence of known hypercholesterolemia, systemic hypertension, diabetes, the frequency of mental stress and the occurrence of memory deficits declines. 


She Drinks Coffee

Jade loves starting her day with a cup of coffee, which is great for your health according to a 2022 study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. It found that drinking two to three cups a day of most types of coffee – especially a mild to moderate intake of ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee – may protect you from cardiovascular disease and an early death. Researchers found "significant reductions" in the risk for coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure and stroke for all three types of coffee. But, only ground and instant coffee with caffeine decreased risk for arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat. 


She Swims

Jade once shared a piece of wisdom with her followers: "A DIP A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY," she captioned a photo. She isn't wrong, according to the CDC. Just two and a half hours per week of aerobic physical activity, such as swimming, bicycling, or running, can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses. In addition to the many physical benefits, there are multiple studies supporting the mental health benefits of swimming as well. 


She Hikes

Jade loves hiking. "Rise n shine," she captioned a photo from a hike, one of the best ways to get exercise. "No matter what type of trail you find yourself on, hiking is a great whole-body workout—from head to toe and everything in between," says the National Parks Service. Some of the physical benefits include building stronger muscles and bones, improving your sense of balance, improving your heart health, and decreasing the risk of certain respiratory problems. It also offers many mental health benefits, according to a Stanford University study. 


She Eats Fresh Food

Jade eats clean and healthy. She regularly shares photos of beautiful fruit spreads, cheese plates, pasta, oysters, and seafood. "Oysters vary in size, based on the location they are coming from.  Regardless they are extremely low in calories. In a serving of six medium-sized oysters (wild, raw or steamed) you'll consume less than 50 calories. That's 50 calories, total which makes them very heart-healthy. It's no wonder people order them by the dozen," says the Cleveland Clinic.

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