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Jamie Redknapp's Wife Frida in Bathing Suit Says Hi From the Maldives

The couple posed in swimsuits. 

Married couple Jamie (football legend turned pundit) and Frida (Swedish model) Redknapp took a family trip to the Maldives this week. And they made sure to get some stunning photos along the way. In Frida's most recent Instagram post, the couple posed with their son in front of a beach cabana. She captioned the post, "Lil Raphael managed to clear his schedule to join us on our honeymoon." How does the couple stay so fit while keeping up with the little one, who was born in November? Read on to see 5 ways Jamie and Frida Redknapp's stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Frida Does Yoga

Frida Redknapp/Instagram

Despite Frida Redknapp's busy schedule and five children, she still makes time to stay fit. One of the workouts she likes to do at home is yoga. She posted this photo on Instagram of herself in a downward dog position in her yard, while two of her kids played nearby. Redknapp captioned the photo, "Love a peaceful yoga session."


Frida Swims

Frida Redknapp/Instagram

Another way Frida likes to stay active is by going to the beach and going for a swim. She posted this stunning photo on Instagram of herself diving into the ocean. One person commented, "Perfect form." "Individuals of various ages, body weights, and health conditions can experience health benefits from swimming. Because performing exercise in water can decrease the impact of body weight on your joints, swimming can be an ideal form of exercise for achieving many goals, ranging from heart health, weight loss, pain management and arthritis management," reports the Cleveland Clinic.


Jamie Has A Wellness Support Group

Dave Benett/Getty Images

During the pandemic, when gyms were closed down, Jamie had to find ways to workout at home. One of the ways he did so was by joining an online wellness group. "There's about 20 of us in a WhatsApp group and we do some cooking and we also do some training," Redknapp told SustainHealth.


Jamie Likes To Switch Up His Workouts

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Jamie tells SustainHealth that he likes to switch up his workout routine, especially during lockdowns. "During lockdown, unless you had a trainer, fitness was tough. But I love boxing and doing stuff on the pads, and I've got the Peloton bike – I try to keep fit in as many ways as possible."


Jamie Believes In Moderation

/Dave Benett/Getty Images

When it comes to his diet, Redknapp says to SustainHealth that he usually eats healthy, but indulges once in a while. "Don't get me wrong, I love a bottle of red wine, and I enjoy tequila, but I try to be careful with what I eat. I love fast food like a lot of people, but I think everything in moderation is always the key."

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