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Jenny Powell in Bathing Suit Has "Beach Vibes"

Here is how she stays fit. 

Jenny Powell is flaunting her fit-at-54 figure! The TV presenter struts her stuff in a swimsuit on the beach in her latest Instagram Reel. "If I could, I'd be barefoot on the beach everyday 🙏#beachvibes #barefootgirl #beachwear #travelgirl #beachgirl," she captioned the clip. How does the star make 54 look like 24? Read on to see 7 ways Jenny Powell stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Lives Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle is a priority for Jenny. "Yes, it is top of my list in self-care. If I am healthy and happy then so are my kids. I am desperate for the idea of living healthily to rub off on the younger generation. Being the best I can possibly be in work and play means taking responsibility for my own health and way of living," she told Your Healthy Living.


She Is Consistent

Consistency is a key part of Jenny's plan of health. "I make sure that my fitness and health regime become part of my daily routine and fall in place around all the other daily commitments I have being a busy, multi-tasking, working mum. It's easy to leave looking after your health at the end of the to-do list, but I have a schedule that includes it comfortably and it's only when I don't stick to it that I feel bad! Consistency is key and taking time out every day to make sure that you have time for you and your health is imperative," she told Your Healthy Living. 


She Eats Healthy

Jenny is into healthy eating. "I always have organic food and make a day of it at the farmers market … grass-fed beef only, lots of fish and organic chicken. We have lots of fermented/unpasteurized foods like kombucha, kefir, pickles and sourdough. Organic eggs are a staple and no sweet fizzy drinks or sugar," she said. "I have a green juice or kefir and fruit in the morning and two coffees. Then I'll have organic poached eggs on sourdough with bacon and avocado after hot yoga at about 11am. I might have leftovers from the night before at lunchtime or homemade soup and sourdough, then a lovely grass-fed beef stew from the slow cooker with lots of rice and veg at teatime."


She Cooks

Jenny cooks her own meals. "I am determined not to buy processed foods/ready meals so I have to cook! It makes me feel good to see the family eating together around the table and a big dish of home-made shepherd's pie or similar with lots of crisp veg rather than a TV dinner on your lap!" she told Your Healthy Living. 


She Does Hot Yoga

Jenny is "completely addicted to hot yoga!" she told Your Healthy Living. "I practice four times a week if I can and also do kettlebells and strength training in the gym at home. My yoga is my lifesaver mentally and physically – the best thing I have ever done!"


She Rocks a Bikini with Pride at 54

Jenny is proud to be wearing a bikini in her 50s. "Will I still be wearing a bikini  in my 60s and 70s? Hell yeah! I'm accepting of myself and I'm going to embrace my moments of feeling great and people can take it or leave it," she told Closer magazine. "I can't believe Christie Brinkley posed in a bikini recently and got slagged off for it because she's 67. She looked unbelievable."


Her Boyfriend Inspires Her to Be Healthier

Jenny's much-younger boyfriend inspires her to eat healthier. "He has been into it for years because of all the health benefits. I used to think he was mad but he has me doing it now," she told Closer. "He has introduced me to clean eating too, so I am aware of refined sugars. He's always said, 'Your gut health is the core of everything, from appearing younger to feeling it'."

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