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Jordana Brewster in Bathing Suit Has "Book Club" on Beach

The “Fast and Furious” star enjoyed a trip to the beach.

Fast and Furious star Jordana Brewster recently enjoyed a beach day, and has the photos to prove it. Brewster posted a new photo to Instagram of herself lying on a beach towel reading the book. Brewster captioned the photo "Book club." She also showed off her incredible body, wearing a two-piece. Read on to see 6 ways Jordana Brewster stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Meditates Twice A Day

Brewster tells that she's a big fan of meditation: "It centers me and grounds me." Brewster also says that she makes sure to meditate twice a day, even with her busy schedule. "I practice Vedic meditation, which is twenty minutes twice a day. Since becoming a mom though, it's honestly only fifteen minutes because it's really difficult to sit for forty minutes, especially when the kids are running around. But I find that fifteen is enough for me to recharge and I find that it then gives me enough bandwidth to have patience."


She Does Dance-Based Workout Classes

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Whenever Brewster goes to the gym, she usually likes to take a Body By Simone class, which is a dance-based sculpting workout. "I love the dance classes and I love the body sculpting classes," she says to "It's just fun to get in a room with a bunch of other women and just dance and listen to good music."


She Stays Hydrated


Brewster tells that she makes sure to stay hydrated, and drinks plenty of water throughout the day.  "I drink a ton of water and I start my day off with hot water and lemon," she says.


She Packs Healthy Lunches

Brewster says to that her busy schedule can make it difficult to eat healthy. Especially when she's on set shooting a movie. "Craft services [on-set catering] is hell. It's basically sugar and salt." Brewster also admits that the long hours can make her crave unhealthy food. "Sometimes when I work long hours I have trouble with sugar; they'll keep passing me Tootsie Rolls." However, Brewster says that she has developed a method to keep herself eating well on set. "It's so nerdy, but I pack my own lunches of grilled salmon and brown rice, because it helps me stay on track," she says.


She Doesn't Do Weird Diets

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There are some pretty weird diets out there, and Brewster admits that she's tried a few of them. She tells,"I did the cabbage soup diet, which is so unpleasant. I also went through a phase where I ate only protein shakes and protein bars, with real food for dinner, which, again, is not sustainable." These days, Brewster says that she makes sure to eat healthy, and while she does have a diet plan, it's a bit more sustainable. "I've been on my trainer Harley Pasternak's 5-Factor Diet for six years. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. It works so well for me."


She Works Out For Thirty Minutes A Day, Six Times A Week

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Brewster tells that she makes sure to work out regularly, and she has a fitness plan that is realistic for her. "I need to sweat at least six times a week, but I do stuff that's sustainable. Thirty minutes of cardio a day isn't a pain in the" backside "—it's totally doable. Forty-five? That starts to get a little annoying." Brewster says that she also does strength training three days a week. 

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