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Julianne Hough in Bathing Suit is Grateful for 2022

Watch the 33-year-old execute her hardcore workout.

A few months back Julianne Hough posted a video of her grueling workout with trainer Mark Pulse, set to the tune I Took a Nap, and it was so hardcore that it went viral. Now, the 33-year–old is back in action, revealing all the exercise moves responsible for her fit figure—while showing off her impossibly flat abs, of course. A few days later, she posted a video of her jumping in a bathing suit. "1st week of 2022 down and feeling high on life! Grateful for all that has transpired so far and ready for what's to come!" she captioned it. Read on to see Julianne Hough's grueling workout video and learn about 5 other ways she stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Julianne Doesn't Mess Around at the Gym

"Back by popular demand… I took another nap! 💪🏼💤" Hough captioned the video. "Thanks for workin' me out and capturing my goody side @markpulse – who says you can't dance and play around while you kick some 🍑" In the clip, the dancer, actress, and host shows off her impressively toned midsection as she completes a bunch of strength training exercises like burpees, deadlifts, and a variety of ab exercises using weights. 


She Eats Vegan and Gluten-Free

Hough is pretty strict about her diet, eating gluten-free and vegan.  "I sound so L.A. right now," she revealed in a "What I Eat in a Day" video with Harper's Bazaar, "but it's because my body needs it. Because trust me, do I love flour, I love sugar, I love cookies, I love all the things. But I'm really just trying to focus on my health from the inside out."


She Drinks Lemon Water

Julianne is one of the many stars who swear by lemon water. "This is how I start my morning every. single. day," she explained in an Instagram video. "Having a strong morning routine gives me a sense of stability and puts my mind at ease knowing that I'm waking up, cleansing my body and committing to my wellness." Sometimes she pre-makes the drink the night before, which "usually consists of lukewarm temperature water with half of a lemon—and sitting overnight, really getting all of those juices flushed out in there," she told Harper's Bazaar.


She Loves Green Juice

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

"I usually find a way to do some sort of celery juice, or something that also gives me a little bit of sugar before I go do a quick workout," she said about her green juice of choice. "Or I'll do like, amino acids [vitamins] or something like that to give me that support, that energy that I'm looking for." One of her favorite green juice recipess? "I usually like it a little sweeter, less bitter, so I put in a green apple, some spinach, kale. Again, if I want it sweeter, I'll put some carrots in. But I love ginger, and lemon too, so I'll put that in," she added to Elle in 2016. "Cucumber, celery, anything green, really. Sometimes I'll add beets too, depending on my mood. And then I'll go work out, it just depends."


She Cheats

Julianne allows herself to indulge every once in a while. "If I could give you any words of encouragement with what you eat, it's enjoy yourself, everything in moderation, and if you love your body and love what you're putting into your body, your body's gonna know," she told Harper's Bazaar. "So if you're gonna have a drink, if you're gonna have a yummy sweet tooth, enjoy it. Take the pleasure in it."


She Enjoys Group Fitness

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Julianne also does group workouts at SoulCycle. "I love being around people and community," she explained to Women's Health. Another favorite? Hot Power fusion yoga at CorePower Yoga.

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