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Kate Hudson Reveals the Things She Did To Lose Weight

The actress posts her workouts on Instagram, and loves dairy-free ice cream.

Actress Kate Hudson has been open about her struggles in the past to lose weight—mainly, her struggles to lose weight after having her three children. Hudson has become an icon of celebrity fitness, especially after launching her successful line of workout clothing, Fabletics. "I think everything I do—from what I put in my body to the goals I set for myself—will reflect on" my kids, she told WW. Read on to see six ways Kate Hudson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Does Leg Workouts

Hudson does not skip leg day. In a video posted on her Instagram, Hudson shows off her leg workout, which includes using a chair for lunges and donkey kicks, and doing leg crunches, all while wearing ankle weights. Hudson captioned the video "Happy legs. #keepgoing #repeatrepeatrepeat"


She Does Intense Ab Workouts

Hudson also posted her ab workout on her Instagram, captioning the video "I love when it's over! Getting stronger and tighter with movements but it never gets EASIER! We keep going!" The video shows Hudson doing kicks and abdominal twists, while being motivated by her trainer, Tracy Anderson. 


She Waits To Eat Breakfast, And Starts Her Day With Celery Juice

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In a video for Harper's Bazaar, Hudson revealed that she waits to eat breakfast, and begins her day with water, then celery juice. "I do not eat first thing in the morning," she says. "If anybody does celery juice on an empty stomach they know why," she joked. "Cause it's a joyous morning activity."


She Avoids Dairy


Hudson told Harper's Bazaar that she loves ice cream, "My late night snack is always going to be in the ice cream department." However, the ice cream Hudson wants is dairy free. "As much as I'd love it to be like an old school Haagen-Dazs, they do great oat milk ice creams now. So I try to stay non-dairy because it's a little bit better for me. And mint chip I love because it's refreshing. But I really like a dulce de leche type … with chocolate chips."


She Does 30-minute Workouts Daily

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Hudson makes sure that she works out every day, no matter how busy she gets, or what time she's exercising. "I always try to find at least a half-hour to work out. In fact, today I didn't work out and it's getting late. And I'll still find time to work out," she said to Harper's Bazaar.


She Surrounds Herself With Support

Hudson told E! News that a supportive community is important to her wellness journey. "I've always said that community is essential to wellness, that's why Fabletics is a community, that's why I've partnered with WW, which has an amazing community of members who support each other," she says. "Your community—no matter who it is—can help you find balance! Don't expect yourself to be a super-human! It's just not possible."


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