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Kelly Bensimon in Bathing Suit is "Settling in"

Here’s how she makes 54 look like 34.

Kelly Bensimon is already heating up the Hamptons. While Memorial Day is still a few weeks away, the reality star is getting a start on her summer tan. ​​"Settling in….." she captioned an Instagram image of herself over the weekend, sunbathing in a swimsuit next to a picturesque pool. How does she manage to make 54 look like 34? Read on to see 7 of Kelly Bensimon's top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Don't Be Afraid of Gaining Weight

Easy come, easy go is Kelly's attitude when it comes to weight loss. In her book, I Can Make You Hot!: The Supermodel Diet, she reveals that lost 50 pounds twice, and managed to lose it. "When I got pregnant with each daughter, I gained 50 pounds. Most people in my position would really watch their diet and eat crazy foods and exercise like a maniac. For me, having children and being able to bear children was such an incredible luxury. I wanted to be a vessel for them and not exercise and diet while pregnant," she explained to The Washingtonian. "As a result, I gained 50 pounds. Believe me, it wasn't easy [losing weight] and having an ex-husband photographing models all the time. But for me, wanting to take care of myself is a really big part of who I am. I like to say I lost the weight gracefully—when my one daughter was five months old people were asking me, 'Are you still pregnant?' But you know what? I have great, healthy kids, and I'm healthy at 44. I treat my body well, and as a result it looks good."


Take Group Fitness Classes

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Kelly can afford personal trainers for one-on-one workouts, but loves group fitness glasses. She revealed to Page Six that SoulCycle and Y7 yoga classes are two of her favorite sweat methods. 



Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Fitness doesn't have to cost a dime. Kelly loves to hit the pavement and regularly shares photos of her running sessions on social media. "Running alone," she captioned this Instagram post, flaunting her flat abs in a sports bra and matching leggings.  


Do Squats and Lunges

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Kelly is famous for her legs-for-miles. She told The Washingtonian that there are two moves responsible for those superior stems. "My favorite leg exercises are squats and lunges. They just really tone up the inner and outer thighs and lift the buttocks, as well. When your butt muscles are toned, your legs look leaner," she explained. 


Don't Skip Meals

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You won't find Kelly intermittent fasting or drinking her meals. "One is skipping meals and the other is fasting," she told the Washingtonian about two trends she skips. "Both of those do the same thing—every time you skip a meal or fast, you're jarring your metabolism, which causes you to gain weight."


Have a Cheat Day

Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

In her book, Kelly reveals that she is a fan of cheat days, reserving Sunday as her day to indulge. "I love my mom's Irish soda bread, which she used to make on Sundays after I did well in swim meets. I love the pizza I make with the girls, and guacamole and homemade chips. I love doing anything with my kids, and cooking is a good way for them to learn responsibility and how to take care of themselves, and for us to share and make memories," she added to The Washingtonian.


Hydrate…With Soup


Kelly prioritizes hydration. However, instead of water, she consumes salty soup. "When you're hydrated, you're less hungry," she told The Washingtonian. "Miso soup has a lot of sodium, but it's hydrating, and it helps with digestion and fills you up quicker. But do you need to have a bowl of soup with every meal? No. Instead, you could have a glass of water without ice in it before you start a meal."

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