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Kyly Clarke in Bathing Suit Says "Bring Back That Sun"

The model posed in a new Instagram post.

Australian model and Dancing With the Stars All Stars…star Kyly Clarke posed for a stunning new photo. Clarke posted a photo to her Instagram of herself wearing a tight brown swimsuit, savoring Australia's warmer weather. Clarke captioned the photo, "Bring back that sun…. I was getting use to that… who's already planning some more time out and about this weekend?

I have truly been loving and embracing all the sunshine that we have been so lucky to experience already, Spring is a delightful time of year! Can't wait to see more of the flowers blossom and brighten our every day." Read on to see 6 ways Kyly Clarke stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Cooks Healthy Meals

Clarke says that she always makes sure to cook healthy meals for herself, and she will sometimes post her food on her social media pages. Clarke also told Mamamia that she has some go-to healthy meals. "My go-to lunch is tuna, avocado and beetroot lettuce cups," she said. "I love them. Quick and easy and healthy. Add some chilli flakes, salt and pepper for taste." For dinner, Clarke still makes sure to load up on protein. "I love making honey and soy lean breast chicken in a salad full of goodness like chickpeas, quinoa, corn, tomato, onion, feta and pine nuts," she says. 


She Does Barre Workouts

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For exercise, Clarke is a big fan of barre workouts. She even revealed some of her favorite barre exercises in a video for Nine. "Barre exercises offer so many benefits," she says. "(Not just to look good in a swimsuit), but to also strengthen and lengthen those muscles and achieve a longer, leaner, and toned body." Clarke's go-to barre exercises involve squats in different positions and taps. 


She Dances

Clarke is a two-time contestant on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars. She first competed in the 14th season in 2014, but unfortunately had to withdraw due to injury. She recently returned for the 2021 all-star season, where she made it all the way to the finale, placing third. Not only was Clarke getting exercise from dancing, but she also trained for the competition beforehand. "I actually backed off going to the gym, because the gym is all about being bulkier and also tightening your muscles," she said to News AU. "I knew what wasn't in my favour was my flexibility, I hadn't danced for so, so long."


She Does Cardio

Clarke says that she makes sure to do a lot of cardo, and that she makes sure to incorporate it into her fitness routine. "I always do cardio whether it's 20, 30 minutes or an hour, just depends on the day and what I'm focusing on," she said to News AU.


She Strength Trains

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While Clarke has a very small, slender frame, she is strong. Clarke tells News AU that she does a lot of strength training and uses weights when she goes to the gym. "My go-tos are doing weights at the gym. I chose to do weights because you can isolate muscles and you can gain bulk in the desired areas for your body," she said.


She Works Out At Home

Don Arnold/WireImage

With Australia dealing with another lockdown, people have to do their workouts at home. However, this isn't a problem for Clarke, as she likes to do a lot of at-home workouts, and had uploaded her favorite exercises to Instagram. In a video, Clarke is seen doing kettlebell squats and leg raises, lunges, regular squats, and toe touches. Clarke captioned the video "When in lockdown, we all need a little push, a little Inspo, and if this gets just one of you moving a little more or following along tomorrow then I'll be even happier than I already was today.

I hope you can use this time to better your best and explore new movements and exercise techniques to add to your current training regime. Don't fret not having a gym, there are so many exercises you can do at home, you just need to explore."

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