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Laura Sanko in Bathing Suit Shares "Quarterly" Image

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Laura Sanko is best known for her commentary on UFC matches. She also isn't afraid of showing off her figure on Instagram. After spending a day at the beach, Sanko posted a new swimsuit photo this week. In it, she sat on a towel in a red two-piece swimsuit. She captioned the post, "My quarterly thirst trap so the IG algorithm will pick me up again." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Laura Sanko stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Tunes Out The Haters

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Sanko opened up about being in the public eye in an interview on the BLOCK Party podcast. She says that she has learned to tune out the criticism. "It's a weird thing because on one hand, people will be like, 'She only has this job because she looks a certain way.' And then the next comment will be, 'Oh, she looks a certain way, so there's no way she could possibly have anything intelligent to say.' Like anything, I'm learning to deal with it because it's certainly something that's ramped up more as the UFC has started to put me in these positions to have opinions."


She Works Out Her Hips

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Sanko shares a lot of her favorite workouts on Instagram. One thing she likes to do is hip exercises. In this video, she is seen doing things like hip thrusts and box jumps. She captioned the post, "Yay for box jumps 🙌🏻 The hip thrusters can kick rocks though. Those suck. (Yes I'm aware my mechanics are awful on the jumps. I was born with bad hip dysplasia and was in a brace for the first 8 months of my life. So that's not going away folks.) Anyyyyway, I'm grateful for @better_you_fitness_kc continuing to put up with my hap hazard training schedule and always being there to help. He's changed my physique significantly. Best booty builder in KC. Now I just gotta start jogging more and eating the way I know how and we'll be good to go."


She Works Out Her Legs

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As you can see, Sanko does a lot of lower body exercises. And yes, this includes her legs. She shared some of her favorite leg exercises in this Instagram video. In it, she is seen doing squats on a reformer, side and back leg lifts with a weight. She captioned the post, "Thanks for the various forms of torture this morning @better_you_fitness_kc …We have our priorities straight."


She Boxes

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Sanko isn't just a UFC commentator. She also likes to fight to stay in shape.. One thing she enjoys doing is boxing. Sanko shared this video on Instagram of herself sparring with a trainer. She captioned it, "Got some work in with my favorite 'side coach' @eric_xcmma. Anyone who's trained with him knows he has a colorful way of speaking when he's making you work. 'Get in the fucking kitchen!!' 😂😂😂 (He's the only one allowed to yell that at me)."


She's Coming Into Her Own

Sanko opened up about the praise she's gotten throughout her career on her BLOCK Party interview. She says that she has been a lot more confident when she gets praise. "Every time someone says that word to me, it makes me want to tear up honestly," Sanko said. "But then it also makes me … I don't yet feel worthy of that. I want to be worthy of that. I do want to be that. I guess if I really sit back and go through my DMs, at some point I'm going to have to admit that there is an element of that. It's just hard for me to use that word for myself."

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