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Laura Whitmore in Bathing Suit Shows Off "Holiday Hair"

The BBC host shared a photo of herself in the pool, and herself at the studio. 

Author, Love Island host, and BBC radio host Laura Whitmore has had two very different Sundays. And she decided to compare them on Instagram. Whitmore posted a series of two photos of herself, captioning the post, "Last Sunday V's This Sunday! Back on your airwaves from 10am – still got that holiday hair #itsthehumidity." In the first photo, Whitmore is on vacation, posing in a red swimsuit in the pool. In the second, she's back at work in the BBC radio studio. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 7 ways Laura Whitmore stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Believes In Balance

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When it comes to her wellness routine, Whitmore is a big believer in balance. "I think balance in life is so important, whether that's with food or working out or just finding the time to have some fun," she says to Women's Health. 


She Keeps Her Workouts Easy & Quick

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Whitmore has a very busy schedule, and has to travel a lot for her job. This can make it hard for her to work out consistently. However, she tells Women's Health that she does exercises that aren't too intense and that she can easily fit into her day. "For me, what's quick and easy and fits into my lifestyle is key – I'm never in one place for long enough for anything too labour intensive!"


She Loves Veggies


Whitmore tells Women's Health that she is a big fan of veggies, especially since she doesn't incorporate a lot of meat in her diet. "I haven't eaten red meat since I was 15 so I make sure to get my iron through my greens," she says. Whitmore says that there is one particular green that she can't get enough of, "I can't stop eating kale – my friends keep making fun of me, even my moisturiser has kale in it!"


She Uses Exercise As A Way To Benefit Her Mental Health

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For Whitmore, exercising isn't just a way to lose weight and keep her body healthy. It is also a way to help with her mental health. Whitmore tells Cosmopolitan that she uses her exercise time as a way to de-stress, instead of a way to lose weight. "Exercise is a great way of checking in with yourself," she says. "It's important for our mental health, because everyone deals with things differently, and we all have ten million things going on at any one time."


She Takes Her Sneakers With Her

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With Whitmore's busy schedule, she has to come up with tricks to ensure that she can work out wherever she goes. One of her solutions was always having a pair of sneakers with her, so she could get in a run or a long walk in each place. "When I first started out with MTV and traveled a lot, I always kept a pair of trainers in my suitcase," she tells Cosmopolitan. "If I was in Ibiza doing Ibiza Rocks TV, I'd get up early and go for a little run. I remember going to Mexico, just for a night, to interview Daniel Craig and I wanted to see the city, so I did a run to sight-see."


She Practices Yoga

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Whitmore tells Cosmopolitan that when the pandemic hit, she began practicing yoga at home, and is a fan of the popular YouTube channel, Yoga With Adrienne. "Yoga helps me connect with my body," she says. "I'm fast-paced and it helps me slow down a bit."


She Loves Dance Classes

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Whitmore is open about her love of dancing, and going to dance-based fitness classes. She tells Cosmopolitan that she has a favorite type of dance class to check out. "It's been a while but I used to go to FRAME a lot," she says. "They have classes where you dance like you're in a music video and another called Bend It Like Barbie [centred on mobility and flexibility]. It's really fun and doesn't feel like work. Dancing around to Lady Gaga and Beyonce? It's like a night out without the alcohol!"

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