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Laverne Cox "Radiates the Positive" in Bathing Suit From Vacation

The actress and activist spreads the love.

Actress and activist  Laverne Cox recently posted a series of videos on Instagram about how her wig looked before and after going for a swim. But that isn't what everyone's talking about. Cox wore a black one-piece swimsuit with cutouts, and a sheer black robe. Cox recieved a lot of compliments about her figure. Read on to see six ways Laverne Cox stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Knows Her Worth

Cox tells that she has a mantra from Brene Brown that she uses through her life and for her self-care. "My mantra is that I can move through life's challenges and not place my worthiness on the line," says Cox. "Worthiness is a birthright. So I am going to go through life's challenges without my worthiness on the table. They don't get to have my worthiness, that is God-given."


She Gets Enough Sleep

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Cox has a very busy schedule, however, she tries not to let it affect her sleep schedule. "Sleep is really crucial for me," she says to "I know with a lot of busy people, sleep is the first thing to go. I'm here in New York this week and everyone's like 'You're in New York, let's get coffee,' and I'm like, 'I'm working, I'm going to need to sleep after that. That's probably all I'll have time for.'"


She Dances


Cox has a background in dance, and even used to work as a drag performer prior to her breakout role in Orange is the New Black. Cox says to, that she loves to dance around her house as often as she can. "Throughout the day it's about putting on some music and dancing," she says. "I love karaoke when I can fit it in, and it is crucial. It's so cathartic to me, just like getting in a room with a friend and screaming into a microphone and dancing. It's a release. You have to get the energy out."


She Does Charity Work

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Cox tells that an aspect of her self-care routine is doing projects that promote her values. She is known for her activism in the trans community and partners with HIV medicine services. "I have to say, though, when I'm engaged in work that makes me feel connected to purpose, to an energy that's bigger than me where I'm doing something of service, I feel my best," she explains. "These projects really makes me feel good, being able to spread the word to lift up individuals and causes that are bigger than me. The best self-care is to find a way to be of service."


She Briefly Went Vegan


In 2017, Cox announced on Instagram that she had been vegan for 12 weeks. "It's only been 12 weeks for me, but I feel so much better," she wrote in the caption. However, Cox stopped being vegan due to finding out she had a soy sensitivity. However, she does still eat healthy, and recently did a video with Tabitha Brown, where they made vegan meals. 


She Practices Self-Love

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Cox says that she makes sure to love herself and her body, and she always tells herself that. "I think it's important to be able to be like, 'Yes, your shoulders are broad, yes your hands are big and your voice is deep and you're really tall and people notice you, and that makes you noticeably trans, but that doesn't make you any less beautiful,'" she says to Self. "You're not beautiful despite those things, you're beautiful because of those things, and [believing] that has to be an active conscious process."

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