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Lexy Panterra in Bathing Suit Says "I Do Both Baby"

Here’s how she stays so fit.

Lexy Panterra is twerking on the beach in her bathing suit. The dancer and singer shows off her phenomenal figure and her moves while enjoying a day by the ocean in one of her latest social media posts. "Shake my 🍑 Get the 💼 I do both baby , I'm the reason she Twerk I'm the 🐐 baby," she captioned the Instagram video shared with her 2.8 million followers. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 of Lexy Panterra's top diet and fitness tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Make Your Own Food


Lexy suggests cooking your own healthy meals. "I have to make everything in the fridge because we're on a healthy diet here. Right? Everyone's learning how to cook indoors. I'm doing a good job. I'm not gonna lie. There's a lot of veggies, fruits and stuff like that," she told Hollywood Life about what is inside of her fridge. 


"Twerk Out"

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Lexy's company, LTOFitness, is based around her TwerkOut dance exercise method. "I've been a dancer my whole life and taken every kind of dance class since I was little, however I've always been a singer and wanted to pursue that! I've taught dance to middle school kids and as I said earlier I been in the dance world my whole life. I have been in the music singing girl group and sang solo as well!" she told Women Fitness about her inspiration behind the class. "I like to dance all types of dance and twerking was just something that came later on that I found out that I was good at. It takes practice but with good technique you can get it. Just be confident and I want to feel sexy and free!"


Avoid Heavy Weights

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One thing Lexy doesn't do is life heavy weights, because her goal is to "be lean and not too buff," she told Women Fitness. "In my class all you need is your body and some balls."


"Twerk" Hard

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Lexy maintains you need to "twerk hard" is you want to get in shape and learn her method, explaining "it takes practice and dedication to learn how to be a great Twerker just like any dance," to Women Fitness. "The fitness aspect is easier because not all moves involved have to have butt shaking necessarily . They are normal moves and when you add booty shaking it makes it more fun! I'm excited to start certifying women all around to teach my class! That's when it's going to go worldwide even more. But like I said dedication is key and believe in what you do! Because if you don't believe it won't work."


Dance for Mental Health

Lexy also encourages exercise for mental health. "Dancing is healing. Mental health wise, think of it as medicine. When you close your eyes and feel the beat, you go into this beautiful, made up world where everything just feels right. Let the songs make you feel something. People say that you should dance like nobody's watching, but how many people have actually tried that? When you really let go, it's liberating, and you get to know yourself in a completely new way. Physically, this challenges your body to try something new, push limits, and become more open-minded. Dance is great for the soul, but it also is incredible for cardio, core strength and muscular development and endurance. Your body will change in a very unique way and you'll tone down quickly!" she told Glamour.

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