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Lisa Haydon in Bathing Suit Says "Weeeeee" 

This is her health and fitness mantra.

Indian star Lisa Haydon isn't afraid of some high-speed ocean activities. Haydon posted a reel of herself riding the waves in a one piece swimsuit, much to the admiration of her fans. "Weeeeee💙🌊🦋," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Haydon stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



Yoga Sessions

Haydon is a long-time, avid yogi. "I discovered yoga in Sydney during my 'chubby' phase at this school on the beach that taught ashtanga-hatha flow," she says. "I gradually moved towards ashtanga, going beyond the primary level, which is a feat in itself, and even did an internship as I thought I wanted to become a yoga teacher. But I was way too wild then to lead such a disciplined life. Today, yoga for me is an ancient Indian practice I find very useful, especially the breathing techniques. It'll always be a part of my fitness regimen."


Green Juice Every Day

Haydon finds the easiest way to get her vegetable intake in is via freshly made smoothies and green juices. "It's the only way I manage to consume greens, and I think the vitamins you get from this food group are extremely important," she says. "While I do end up taking a lot of supplements (fish oil, folic acid, zinc, iron, D3, B12—all twice a day), I strongly believe the best way to get nutrition is from actual, fresh food."


Healthy Habits

Haydon is disciplined about her healthy lifestyle. "Honestly, I am very controlled," she says. "I just need to take 8-10 hours of sleep at night. I like waking up early in the morning. Seeing the sunrise is the best time of my day. I drink three liters of water a day and try to eat healthily but exercise and take care of my diet."


Pregnancy Workouts

Haydon continued working out during her pregnancies. "In my second trimester, I did Ballet Beautiful workout — you can find them on YouTube," she says. "They are mostly all floor exercises. I can't do much for core toning, so keeping my bum and arms toned has been the focus. Around 6 months in, I started to mix up the Ballet Beautiful workouts with high resistance cross training for 20 mins, as well as SLT machine Pilates."


Peanut Butter

Haydon's go-to-indulgence is chocolate and peanut butter. "Unsalted peanut butter, with 5 milligrams of sodium, has a terrific potassium-to-sodium ratio," says Walter C. Willett, MD, Professor of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health. "Salted peanut butter still has about twice as much potassium as sodium. That profile compares quite favorably with bologna, roast beef, and many other sandwich fixings."

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