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Lorde in Bathing Suit Has "Oceanic Feeling" in New Video

Here are 6 ways she stays in shape, both mentally and physically. 

This week Lorde released the music video for the third single off her latest album, Solar Power. In the video for "Oceanic Feeling," the singer shows off her incredibly fit figure in a swimsuit, while flaunting her singing chops as she belts out the song. How does the 25-year-old stay in shape, both mentally and physically? Read on to see 6 ways Lorde stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Slips in Workouts When She Can


Her trainer, Allison Kimmel, explained to Women's Health that Lorde doesn't really have a set workout schedule and squeezes in exercise when she can. "Lorde's concert tour was a total whirlwind. We didn't always have the perfect schedule for training. If we had 30 minutes between things to squeeze in a workout or a stretch, we made it work," Kimmel told Women's Health. "Other times, we had over an hour and could extend her warm-up or add some extra cardio sets."


Her Workouts Are Effective


Lorde doesn't waste time when it comes to breaking a sweat. According to Kimmel she starts with a 15-minute jog or other cardio followed by an "uptempo yoga-inspired" warm-up. "After that, we would get into our main sets which were comprised of traditional strength exercises, combined with barre and Pilates."


She Loves Outdoor Activities


In a recent interview with Vogue Lorde revealed that after spending the last few years in Auckland, she has come into herself and it has to do with spending time outdoors. "I was so serious and shy and tough. And I think that coming home, having a second record under the belt, I just felt like I could relax and play," she said. "I don't know—something started to happen, and it was all to do with spend­ing time outside." 


She Doesn't Go Online

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lorde tries to spend as little time online as possible. "I could sense that it would be very bad for the work and for me if I stayed online. I don't think I've met too many people for whom social media is a net positive," she says. "It's producing crazy chemicals, forming crazy neural pathways that are not rooted in positivity. You don't want to be the person shaking their finger, and I'm totally aware that it's an immense privilege, a social privilege and kind of an economic privilege to be able to abstain. But I think we've got to be upfront about the things that are making us sick as a society." In fact, she doesn't even run her own accounts. "So I'm not, like, lurking on a Finsta. I'm really off," she says. "I think I was known for having my finger on the pulse, so it was actually a huge decision philosophically for me to step back from that. But I started to see the phone as a portal. I can't keep going through that portal, in the same way that I wouldn't just take mushrooms all these moments of a day. It's too deep a tunnel."


She Finds Self-Love From Within

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Lorde is empowered from within. "When I said I felt young for the first time—it meant feeling like I'm confident enough to put my butt out there. I wouldn't have been able to do that as a teenager," she explains. "When you're really famous as a young person, feelings get magnified. At that time, people were discussing my body on Twitter, and the natural response was to shrink away from it. Now I have a sense of my worth and my power, and my body is—awesome, for one thing. But it's also not as central as my brain is to the whole operation. I don't think you could make me feel bad about myself now by saying something about my body, but that's the difference between 16 and 24." 


She Stretches

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"I do lots of stretching, because when I perform my limbs fly all over the place," she said. "The boys laugh at me lunging across the room," Lorde told The Guardian about her pre-show ritual. "I'm a very physical performer. I fill space with the movement of my hands, my arms, my head, my stance, and that all helps communicate what I'm talking about." And here's her video in full!:

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