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Madison LeCroy in Bathing Suit Reads Self-Help Book

The reality TV star uploaded a new video to her Instagram story. 

Madison LeCroy is getting out of the cold weather, and enjoying January like it's mid-July! The reality star and entrepreneur just posted a new video to her Instagram story, where she posed in a pink and orange floral bathing suit and sunglasses. In it, she discussed a book called Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol by Holly Whitaker. "I definitely recommend the book," she said. "I think that it's pretty validating, with all the reasons why I feel like I shouldn't be drinking—and it's really relatable." LeCroy's toned body was on full display for her followers. Read on to see 5 ways Madison LeCroy stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Snowboards

Madison LeCroy/Instagram

For New Year's Eve, LeCroy and her family spent time at a mountain resort in snowy Park City, Utah. And she revealed that she and her son did some snowboarding while there. LeCroy posted this reel on Instagram of herself snowboarding, captioning it "Sometimes you need to adjust your altitude." 


She Loves Fitness Classes

LeCroy tells that she loves going to fitness classes and working out with others. "I love working out with other people, all ages, all sizes, because when the girl beside me is giving me a run for my money, you know I'm running fast," she said. "I'm like, 'OK, girl. Let's go.'"


She Works Out To Benefit Her Mental Health

LeCroy tells that she actually enjoys and looks forward to working out, and that it has helped with her mental state. "It's all generally mental health for me, I crave it. I definitely feel that it makes me a little bit less on edge."


She Isn't Afraid To Admit She's Had Work Done

Last year, LeCroy shared a revealing Instagram post, where she opened up about her insecurities with her body over the years. She also revealed that she had gotten plastic surgery done to help herself feel more confident. "Recently I was introduced to Dr. Patrick O'Neill and he gave me my confidence back and transformed the parts of my body that I was most self-conscious about," she wrote. She also encouraged her followers to get plastic surgery if they wanted to, and not judge others for doing so. "Women should never be shamed for doing anything that makes themselves more confident or love themselves more. If it makes you feel better about yourself, do it! If your sister, mother, daughter or friend is considering doing something to boost their confidence and self-worth, then support them!"


She Hits The Beach

LeCroy lives in gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina, home to stunning sights and beaches. And she makes sure to take advantage of the beaches at home, or the ones when she travels. LeCroy spends a lot of time at the beach, and has posted several stunning photos on Instagram

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