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Mallika Sherawat In Bathing Suit Says "Fit Girl"

Here’s how she stays fit.

In addition to her work in films, actress Mallika Sherawat has become quite the fitness influencer on Instagram. And from the looks of her photos, all that exercise is paying off. Sherawat posted a photo of herself in a camouflage bathing suit, showing off her impressive abs. She captioned the photo, "Fit girl" and had these inspirational hashtags: "#getoutside #planetearth #naturegram #naturebeauty #natureshots #naturephoto #naturewalk #paradise #ocean #palmtrees #summervibes #beachlife #tropicalparadise #paradiseisland #aroundtheworld #tropicalvibes #beachlove #ocean🌊 #tropicalbeach #positivethinking #positivemindset #lifeisbeautiful #dream #positivemind #mothernature #view #beachphotoshoot #beachview #beachfashion #canon5dmarkiv" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Mallika Sherawat stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing-Suit Photos!


She Stretches

Sherawat always remembers to stretch, and she makes sure to do full-body stretches. She posted this set of photos on Instagram of herself doing two different Uttanasana stretches, one on the ground, and one in a chair. She captioned the post, "I love doing Uttanasana, Uttanasana is a stretch of the entire back body, from the soles of the feet and up the backs of the legs; spans the lower, middle, and upper back; rises up the neck; and circles over the scalp and back down the forehead. When you fold forward in Uttanasana, you stretch this entire sheath of muscles.It creates a Calming effect throughout the central nervous system. I personally experience Euphoria after doing this intense asana."


She Practices Yoga

One of Sherawat's favorite ways to exercise is by practicing yoga. She has posted several photos and videos on Instagram of herself doing different yoga poses. In this reel, Sherawat says that yoga has a great effect on her mood, writing in the caption, "Beat the Monday Blues with yoga postures, forward bends being my favorite as they promote total mental relaxation, calmness & joy."


She Does TRX

Sherawat has a lot of workout equipment at home, which she uses to stay in shape. One piece of equipment that she owns are TRX cables, and she does a lot of different exercises with them. She posted this video on Instagram of herself using the cable to help her do squats. She captioned the video, "Pistol squat TRX training is one of the most challenging lower body workouts." "Strength training can help you tone your muscles and improve your appearance. With a regular strength training program, you can reduce your body fat, increase bone strength, increase your lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently," says the Mayo Clinic. "You can do strength training with inexpensive resistance tubing or even your own body weight. With proper technique, you may enjoy noticeable improvements in your strength and stamina over time."


She Lifts Weights

Another at-home workout Sherawat likes to do is strength training exercises. She likes to lift weights, and has posted photos on Instagram with a barbell over her head. She captioned this weightlifting video, "High intensity workout is one of my favorite form of exercises to engage the entire body & not just one muscle group."


She Does Suspension Based Exercises

Another of Sherawat's at-home exercises are suspension exercises. She posted this video on Instagram of herself doing crunches while hanging from a bar. She captioned the post, "Suspension based exercises can improve mobility , flexibility, balance , focus and STRENGTH. They constantly engage your core plus it's pretty… fun!"

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