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María León in Bathing Suit Says "I Love Myself"

Here’s how she stays in shape. 

Maria Leon, the singer and La Voz Kids judge, is feeling a lot more confident in herself. She just posted a lengthy and revealing photo on Instagram. In it, Leon posed outside in a red bathing suit. She wrote a lengthy caption for the post: "I had never felt as strong as I do now; mind, body, spirit and heart…
I'm loving what I write, who I write with, what I sing, what it sounds like. I love your company and and that you love me as I love myself. I love serving you in songs, giving you hugs, making you laugh, making you uncomfortable, thanking you, not taking us so seriously. I love being a sergeant, sexy, mezcal, foul-mouthed, vulnerable, clumsy, reckless, also sometimes just being a spectator, I love that dying on the line gives me life and that your love is an engine to give you the best of me…  The power of love and the power of being… what greater motivation can we ask for?…ah yes, the power of stories. ☺️." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Maria Leon stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential
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She Does Yoga

Leon loves to do yoga as a way to stay in shape. She has posted several photos and videos on Instagram of herself doing poses. She posted this photo of herself in a dancer pose. She captioned it, "A morning stretch… #sinacá in a room paradise. Thursday that already knows Friday." She also posted this video of herself doing a handstand stretch, captioning it, "Handstands are that happy place you can always come back to."


She Pole Dances

Another way Leon likes to stay in shape is by pole dancing. She has a pole in her home, and posts several videos on Instagram of herself doing choreography. Leon posted this reel of herself pole dancing to one of her songs, captioning it, "Let your body say what words are not enough." She also recently posted this reel, captioning it, "I woke up with a lot of attitude, and the desire to commit the robbery of the century: steal your heart."


She Dances

Leon also likes to dance, and since she's a singer, she has to bust a move a lot. She posted this video on Instagram of herself rehearsing choreography for a tour. She captioned it, "Trials continue." Leon also posts videos of herself dancing on TikTok. 


She Skateboards

Even though Leon is an adult, she's still a kid at heart. One childlike thing she likes to do is skateboard. Leon posted this video on Instagram of herself at the skatepark. She captioned it, "Friday."


She's Confident In Herself

In her recent Instagram post, Leon revealed that she is in a great place in her life. She says that she feels confident and strong, writing, "I had never felt as strong as I do now; mind, body, spirit and heart. I'm loving what I write, who I write with, what I sing, what it sounds like."

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