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Maria Menounos in Bathing Suit Says "Happy Earth Day"

The TV host describes herself as an “almost vegetarian.”

Maria Menounos, the TV host and the founder (with husband/producer Keven Undergaro) of AfterBuzz TV, has an important message and she's delivering it in a swimsuit. "Happy Earth Day friends! Whether in my yard or at the beach, I love being in nature. It's my happy place. Anyways, go outside today and breathe in the air, soak up the sun, smell some flowers, hug a tree … lol," she said. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 7 ways Maria Menounos stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Limits the Amount of Meat She Eats

Menounos tells Shape that while she isn't a vegetarian, she does try to not eat a lot of meat. "I'm an aspiring vegetarian. I try to eat the least amount of meat as I can," she says. Menounos says that she admires her father's diet. "He eats nothing processed and very little meat."


She Always Eats Healthy Snacks


Menounos tells Shape that she makes sure to always have healthy snacks in her kitchen. "There are always almonds in my pantry," she says. "There's always Greek yogurt in my fridge." "The Mediterranean yogurt's creamy, smooth, and slightly thick texture is comforting but indulgent. Its pleasantly sour and moderately sweet taste is intriguing yet familiar. And between the gut-friendly probiotics, healthy fats, and muscle-building protein, it boasts an impressive display of health benefits," says our sister site Eat This, Not That!


She Indulges Once In A While

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While Menounos eats healthy, she does satisfy her unhealthy cravings. "I have some indulgences here and there," she admits to Shape. "Some days are better than others. Last night I had truffle fries, sweet potato fries, and a French toast dessert at Abe & Arthur's, which was delicious. Definitely not feeling as great today—but it was really delicious!"


She Starts Her Day With A Smoothie

Menounos tells that she loves to make smoothies in the morning. "Most mornings I start with a smoothie," she explains. "My favorite has Greek yogurt, almonds, apple, banana, cinnamon, and a little bit of skim milk. It's [celebrity trainer] Harley Pasternak's recipe; I've been doing it for years. Nine times out of 10 that's what I have."


She Moves Throughout Her Day

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Menounos admits to, that she's not a huge gym rat. Instead, she focuses on moving a lot during the day. "I speed walk and take the longer way to meet someone in their office and take the stairs. I sometimes work 18 hours a day, it's insane. That's why I'm always moving."

When asked to give fitness advice, Menounos says, "Move with a purpose. Even if you're just going from your office to the bathroom, power walk there."


She Uses A Fitness Tracker

Menounos says that she uses a fitness tracker to count her steps, and says that it really works. "Get a [fitness tracker] and make sure that you're reaching your steps-a-day goal, and that you're always going," she says to "Take the harder way as much as possible. We're so conditioned to take the easy way, the convenient way. I never do that; I'm always moving."


She Loves Sit-Ups and Ab Exercises

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Menounos has a flat stomach and rock hard abs, and she has them for a reason. Menounos tells that she loves to do sit-ups. "I have this one little routine that anyone can get through. Fifty sit-ups: 20 straight up and down, 10 to the side, 10 to the other side, another 10 straight up and down. If you do that every night, you'll see results." Menounos also says that she is constantly engaging her abs throughout her day, "I'm always contracting my abs all day. I'll squeeze my legs in the car, squeeze my abs. I do it all the time."

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