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Maude Apatow in Bathing Suit Vacations in Europe

Here is how the actress stays fit. 

Maude Apatow is living it up in Europe. The actress, currently on vacation in a seaside resort town, flaunts her fabulous figure in a swimsuit in her latest Instagram post. How does the 24-year-old approach health and wellness? Read on to see 7 of Maude Apatow's top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Take Infrared Saunas

Maude Apatow/Instagram

Maude and her mother, Leslie Mann, are all about wellness treatment – including this one that involves heat. "We do infrared sauna sessions together," Mann told Shape. Prior to treatments, which they are able to do at home, they exfoliate with a dry brush before every sweat.


Cook Your Own Food

Phillip Faraone/WireImage

One way Apatow ensures healthy eating is cooking her own meals. "I've been cooking for my family during quarantine and have found that I like doing it a lot more than I thought," she told Glamour. "I love to make spaghetti with tomato sauce. It's simple, but it's my favorite food. I like to try different sauce recipes, and I've been going through the New York Times Cooking app to find them. I've been baking peanut butter cookies a lot too."


Bathe with CBD Salts

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Maude has a go-to self-care routine. "I have been taking baths with CBD bath salts from Lord Jones, and they make me feel totally relaxed. I love those. I also love the M-61 quick peel pads. I use those every few days, and my skin has really improved," she told Glamour.


Cheat Your Way to Rested Eyes

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Maude loves an under eye treatment from Skyn Iceland. "They're so good for depuffing and calming. I put them in the fridge and will wear them on my way to work. When it's really early in the morning, they're the only eye patches that I use where I can see the difference," she told Glamour. 


Indulge in Guilty Pleasures


Maude loves indulging in a few treats. "When I'm at the movie theater, I like Reese's Pieces or Sour Patch Watermelons. But if I'm watching a movie at home, I'll eat rice crackers or wasabi peas. I love spicy cracker type snacks," she told Glamour. 


Drink Matcha

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Maude's go-to caffeinated beverage? "Mine is probably matcha. I quit coffee and switched to matcha," she told Byrdie. "Matcha has a good amount of theanine in it — an amino acid that partly gives matcha tea its umami (distinctively pleasant and savory) flavor. Its origins go back to ancient China but matcha has been consumed and celebrated widely in Asian and non-Asian cultures alike," says the Cleveland Clinic. "It's most commonly known as the green tea used widely in Japanese tea ceremonies. Japanese Zen monks have also used it to stimulate alertness because of its uniquely high caffeine content."


Find Sleeping Hacks

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Maude Knows that getting enough sleep is very important. "I fall asleep to murder podcasts. It makes me feel so relaxed; I just pass out instantly." "At some point, many adults experience short-term sleep issues that last for a few days or weeks. However, if symptoms persist, you may have a more serious sleep condition. Sleep disorders are more serious if you find that you are significantly drowsy during the day. For instance, falling asleep or head bobbing while driving, and falling asleep while at work, are definitely concerning, and point to a significant problem with sleep quantity or quality. Also, talk with a health care provider if you snort yourself awake at night, are told that you have prominent snoring or have reports that you stopped breathing during the night," says the Mayo Clinic.

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