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Michelle Heaton in Bathing Suit Celebrates Her Sobriety

The singer posed for a new Instagram photo.

Singer Michelle Heaton posted a new Instagram photo this week. Heaton posed in a one-piece leopard-print swimsuit, while standing on the beach. However, Heaton's post wasn't just to show off her body, it was to show how far she'd come. Heaton talked about her struggle with addiction and going through the 12-step program, revealing she's on step 9. Read on to see 5 ways Michelle Heaton stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Has A Supportive Family


Heaton credits her family and their support with her fitness journey. She tells the DailyMail, "A very understanding husband maybe and a lot of will power to get up early to work out. I do a lot of my projects at night when the kids are asleep. It's a balancing act. I don't have nannies or family nearby but we make it work."


She Mixes Up Her Workouts

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Heaton tells the DailyMail that she doesn't like to just do one particular workout. Heaton says that she loves to change up her exercises. "I mix up my workouts up so my body is always guessing and never gets used to what I'm doing," she says.


She Believes In Moderation and Indulging Once In A While

When it comes to her diet, Heaton is a believer in balance, and says she indulges occasionally. "I very rarely slip up with my food in the house but I reward my hard work with date nights and eating out at weekends," she said to the DailyMail. "It's all a balancing act with maintenance, if you're good 70 per cent of the time you should enjoy the other 30 per cent."


She's Sober

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Heaton is open about her struggles with addiction, her stint in rehab, and how her addiction affected her body. She tells OK! Magazine, "I was skinny but I had a very big hard belly and my liver was protruding. I also wasn't washing for days and my hair was falling out and had become very thin because of the alcohol abuse and hormones. I'd gone down to 7st 13lbs. My body was shutting down and couldn't function without the alcohol. I'd be sick with it but I'd be worse without it and shaking. So many times I would wake up in the morning and scream for help, knowing no one was in the house." Heaton says that she is in a much better place these days, and is now sober.


She Does Yoga

Heaton revealed on Instagram that she practices yoga and meditation, and that it's been great for her health. She captioned the photo, "Time to centre ones self! Doesn't have to be at a spa … a floor… peace and quiet .. and breathing is all you need. Clear the mind and remain in the day!Put it out and you will receive."

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