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Michelle Heaton in Bathing Suit Just Posted a "No Filter" Photo

Heaton showed her real body on Instagram.

British pop singer and actress Michelle Heaton is no stranger to showing off her body or posting swimsuit photos on Instagram. Heaton just posted a new series of photos from Playa Abama. Heaton posed in a white bikini, and showed off her incredible body, without filtering herself.  Read on to see 5 ways Michelle Heaton stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Doesn't Use Social Media Filters A Lot

In her most recent Instagram photo, Heaton revealed that she isn't using filters on social media as much, and encouraged her followers to do the same. She wrote, "We all use filters let's be honest!Some make themselves slimmer (but we can see the distortion babes) Some are so ashamed or carry the weight of feeling self conscious of our scars and saggy bits that is only how god made us to be – our own body." Heaton admits that while she might still use them from time to time, she's working hard to avoid using them, and wants to give her followers her authentic self.


She Embraces Her Body

Joe Maher/Getty Images

In her most recent Instagram photo, Heaton admits that she's had insecurities with herself, mostly from commenters on social media. She writes, "I have no doubt I will or would have been scrolling down at some unpleasant very damaging comments at my scars sags and age. Unfortunately no matter how hard we try to only see the good and beautiful comments one bad can cause so much pain!" Heaton says that she's working to embrace her body and sees positive things about herself. "Today I embrace that – might not happen often but I can today!" 


She Hikes

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In this photo on Instagram advertising George Astada workout clothing, Heaton reveals that she's an avid hiker. She started off her caption by writing, "Well if mountain trekking in north Tenerife while at @dryholidays enjoying life to it's max isn't The perfect excuse to buy some new workout wear .. what is ?"


She Works Out With Her Husband

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Heaton and her husband, businessman Hugh Hanley, like to work out together. Heaton posted a photo and video on Instagram of herself and Hanley working out with their friends. Heaton captioned the post, "Couples who train together … stay together! I love that we have changed our habits from a 7pm pub crawl to a 7am gym date! Coming out of it set up for the day full of beans rather then setting us up for an almighty hangover."


She Does Pilates

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One of Heaton's go-to exercises is Pilates. Heaton posted a photo on Instagram of her doing Pilates with the caption, "Strength comes from within! But Working your body will help work your mind."




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