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Molly-Mae Hague in Bathing Suit Shares "Out Takes"

Here's how she stays fit.

Influencer, YouTuber, fashion guru, and reality star Molly Mae Hague is no stranger to posting bathing suit photos. She has so many that she's got ones that didn't make the first cut. Hague just posted a series of photos from Tulum, Mexico of herself posing in a white bathing suit top and shorts. She captioned the post, "Out takes." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Molly Mae Hague stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Devised A Plan Tailored To Her Body

Prior to Hague's 2019 debut on Love Island, she did a lot of working out with her trainer, Connor O'Brien. In order to see what diet plan would be best for her, Hague did body fat testing, and O'Brien devised a plan based on the results. "We did a lot of sessions in a short time frame, and devised a diet plan after body fat testing, so that it suited what it was she needed," O'Brien told  Liverpool Echo


She Uses Portion Control

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Hague revealed in a vlog that she decided to learn about portion sizes, specifically how much of a food is healthy to eat. The CDC recommends portion control as a way to eat healthy and lose weight. "Research shows that people unintentionally consume more calories when faced with larger portions. This can mean significant excess calorie intake, especially when eating high-calorie foods."


She Isn't Always Willing To Workout

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While commitment is a big part of staying healthy, it isn't always the most realistic approach to take. Hague revealed in a YouTube video that she isn't always willing to stay active and workout. This feeling is normal, and is actually a great way to help your body and mind stay healthy and recover. According to ACE Fitness, "Your body needs sufficient time to repair and refuel, especially between challenging, high-intensity workouts. This doesn't mean you can't exercise every day, but it does mean that you need to space out your harder workouts and combine them with lower-intensity workouts."


She Ignores Hateful Comments

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Hague is in the public eye, and while this seems like a good thing, it also is a bad thing. Hague has had to deal with a lot of hateful comments over the years, and has called them out a couple of times. However, she has learned to ignore the criticism. Ignoring haters is a great way of keeping your mind at ease, and helps overcome insecurities you may have. 


She Switches It Up

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In one of her YouTube videos, Hague revealed that she likes to switch up her workouts and diets, in order to see what works for her. This is a great way of keeping yourself engaged and excited to workout, working different parts of your body, and seeing what things you enjoy and what you hate. According to ACE Fitness, switching up your workouts can also keep your muscles engaged. "Many of the body's physiological systems (e.g., the muscular system) adapt to an exercise program within approximately six to eight weeks. If you do not modify your exercise routine, you reach a plateau because your body has adapted to the repetitive training stimulus."

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