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Naomi Campbell in Swimsuit Is Fit at 51

Here’s how she recently “reset” her approach to health

It has been decades since Naomi Campbell first strutted her stuff down the catwalk, and she is still as fit as ever. The 51-year-old supermodel shared a series of snaps to Instagram on Monday, showing off her incredibly fit figure in a low cut yellow swimsuit. She also revealed that she recently revamped her approach to health and wellness courtesy of Viva Mayr, the same luxury medical health resort and holistic wellness retreat visited by Rebel Wilson multiple times. What did she learn during her recent stay and how does she approach diet and fitness in general? Read on to see 5 ways Naomi Campbell stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She "Reset" Her Metabolism

Naomi maintains that her visit to the health spa helped her get back on track. "Thank you to my incredible Team at @vivamayrmariawoerth headed by my Dr Schuscha So Thankful for the Reset , Restore , Regenerate," she wrote in her Instagram post. "In my field we get looked apon[sic]  with an external eye for outside appearances . What 's important to me is to focus on the internal that comes from within . I was in desperate need of taking time to self care , they say the stomach is the 2nd Brain , and I needed to reset my metabolism . I am so grateful to all my team at @vivamayrmariawoerth for breaking me down putting me back together again . This type of life lesson is invaluable and will change your whole outlook and approach of how we feed and nurture our inner selves. Not one of my usual posts I know , but i felt with all we are going through , HEALTH IS WEALTH and wanted to share this experience with you . Thank you Serhan for making it all possible with my little Angel 😘🤗 Until next time Love from my inner self Naomi ❤️💕🙏🏾 #vivamayrmariaworth #vivamayr #Austria," she concluded. 


She Isn't a "Gym Person"

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Naomi has never been a gym person. "I work out. But not [at] a regular type of gym—no machines. I can't go to a regular gym. That makes me nervous," she once revealed to E! News


A Trainer Helps Her Be Accountable

Naomi never enjoyed exercise until she started working out with her trainer, Joe Holder. "I've never liked working out before I started working out with Joe," she explained in her Youtube series, #BeingNaomi. "I don't like everything he makes me do, but it's not about liking it. It's about attacking the body in different parts and conditioning." She even shares videos of their sessions on her IGTV channel


She Loves Jump Roping

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Her trainer told  British Vogue that Naomi loves her jump rope. "I like the ones that get my heart rate up, but I understand the importance of the ones that are more slow and burning and conditioning and tightening," the model said when asked about her favorite types of workouts. Holder maintains that her usual jump rope circuit involves five sets of skipping for 60 seconds.


She Also Does Pilates

Naomi revealed to Today that Pilates is one of her go-to workouts. "Stretching is important," she said. "I danced for many years, so Pilates is something that elongates you and keeps you toned." It's also the perfect form of active recovery to help her body bounce back between sweat sessions.  


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