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Nicole Scherzinger in Beachwear Says "Happy Valentine's Day"

The singer posed with her boyfriend. 

Nicole Scherzinger celebrated Valentine's Day with her boyfriend of two years, Scottish rugby player Thom Evans—at least virtually. Scherzinger posted an adorable video of the two of them doing a slow dance together, waves in the background, captioned "Happy Valentine's Day." Later, she posed pictures of herself in a red heart dress. "Happy Valentines Day beauties," she captioned it. "Me and my top are sending you all our" love and happiness. In another, wearing the same dress, she winked at the camera. "Happy Valentine's Day my love," she said to Evans. "Missing you." How does she stay so fit while having so much fun? Read on to see 5 ways Nicole Scherzinger stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Mixes It Up

Nicole Scherzinger/Instagram

Scherzinger says that she likes to do a lot of different exercises when it comes to working out. "In a typical workout I would run on the treadmill, maybe 20 mins, then try to do some squats, some sit-ups on the exercise ball, some yoga stretches," she told Women's Health UK. Which muscles make the most sense to focus on? The answer is in your glutes: Our legs and backside contain some of the largest muscles in our body. As a result, they store—and burn—the most glycogen. An exercise routine that brings these large muscles into play will burn off larger amounts of glycogen, and cause a greater reduction in fat stores, than a routine in which you're working your arms or chest, for example.


She Doesn't Pressure Herself

When it comes to her diet, Scherzinger tells Us Weekly, that while she tries to eat healthy, she also doesn't pressure herself to. "With growing older gracefully, you kind of just accept yourself more and more and you're like, 'These truffle fries are worth it,' you know what I'm saying? 'This cheese is pretty tasty.'"


She Meditates

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Scherzinger told Us Weekly that she meditates regularly, and that it helps her de-stress from her busy schedule. "I think meditation and prayer is so important," she says. "We don't set aside enough time for ourselves to just let all of the noise and all of the dust and everything else settle and get back to the core of ourselves." "Research has found that meditation may help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. When combined with conventional medicine, meditation may improve physical health. For example, some research suggests meditation can help manage symptoms of conditions such as insomnia, heart disease, pain, cancer and digestive problems," says the Mayo Clinic.


She Loves Hot Yoga

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Scherzinger tells that one of her favorite ways to stay active is by going to a hot yoga class. "I just love the sweat," she says. "I love that it pushes you in hot temperatures and I love the stretching side of it." "Hot yoga is exactly what it sounds like — yoga practiced in a hot environment. Most hot yoga classes have an increased room temperature set anywhere between 90 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. That's quite a difference compared to normal room temperature (68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit). Why so hot? The heat helps lubricate tendons and ligaments, making it easier to fold into certain stretches and poses," says the Cleveland Clinic.


She Has Supportive Friends

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Scherzinger told Women's Health UK, that she likes to workout with her friends, and that this is also extremely helpful for her. "Me and my girlfriends support each other for the gym. Because, you know, it's hard to be motivated sometimes. We'll go hiking one day and then we'll try a sculpting hot yoga class, then we'll do a cardio. We just motivate each other." "Try to recruit a friend who can tackle this exercise journey with you, suggests Christi Marraccini, CPT and instructor at NEOU. Not only will he or she hold you accountable for your exercise sessions (you won't want to leave anyone hanging!), it's also likely to make it more fun!" says our sister site Eat This, Not That!

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