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Olivia Culpo in Bathing Suit Enjoys "Best Part of Summer"

The fashion influencer will soon get her own TV show.

Fashion influencer Olivia Culpo has leveraged her amazing looks and healthy lifestyle into a brand, amassing 5.2 million Instagram followers and posting regularly about fashion, food, travel and lifestyle. Just recently, she posted a dazzling image of herself in a bathing suit on Instagram Stories, luxuriating in an outdoor shower, with the caption, "Hand down the best part of summer." Now, Hollywood is calling: Discovery+ announced it will debut a show in the winter about Culpo and her two look-alike sisters, Aurora and Sophia, tentatively called The Culpos, which will give "viewers a front-row seat to their businesses, love lives, and everything in between." Olivia Culpo was born and raised in Rhode Island and represented her home state in the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, becoming the first winning contestant representing the United States in 15 years. Read on to see how Olivia Culpo stays in shape and the photos that prove they work. And to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Eats Healthy

Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Olivia Culpo regularly shares her meal plans and recipes on her personal blog. "I wanted to share with you all the meal plan I follow when preparing for a big photo shoot or modeling job," she said. "It has some annoying restrictions (no alcohol!) but overall it is all about establishing a healthy meal plan that is high in protein and fiber and low on carbs and sugar," she added.



She Eats Several Small Meals

Olivia Culpo/Instagram

She eats five small meals a day, about three hours apart. A typical day starts with a breakfast of eggs, avocado, turkey bacon and high-fiber crackers. That is followed by a midmorning "first snack," such as a quarter cup of nuts. Lunch could be pan-roasted chicken with Cajun seasoning and roasted vegetables such as broccolini, brussels sprouts or sweet potatoes. A "second snack" might be green apples. Dinner would consist of honey and garlic salmon paired with roasted vegetables and quinoa.


She Meditates

Patrick T. Fallon/Getty Images

Culpo shared a goal to find calm in the midst of activity. "I want to take more time to reflect," she said. "With our busy lives it's sometimes hard to find the time to meditate but it really is so important. You don't even need much time, even just a few minutes each day will make a big difference!"


She Makes Juices


"When I moved into my new apartment, one of my first purchases was a new juicer, and I love creating different juice recipes trying out different vegetables like celery, beets, and spinach," she said. "I also like to throw in a fruit like an apple or a pear for a little natural sugar. My absolute favorite recipe green juice recipe right now is a simple combo of kale, cucumber, and ginger. I promise it tastes better than it looks!"

She Does Barre Exercises

Stephane Cardinale/Getty Images

"I love exercising and lately I have really taken to barre classes," she said. "There are all types of barre classes but my favorite right now is 'FlyBarre.' Check out a barre class and let me know what you think!"


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