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Olivia Culpo in Bathing Suit Looks Like a Bond Girl

The fashionista channeled her inner James Bond.

Model and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo recently posted a series of photos advertising Michael Kors' 007 collection, honoring the new James Bond movie. Culpo is one of many gorgeous women advertising Kors' new line, as Bella Hadid and Lori Harvey have also posted photos. Read on to see 6 ways Olivia Culpo stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Works Out In The Mornings

Culpo tells Well + Good that she likes to work out early every morning, and she has a lot of different things that she likes to do. "I recently started to go to a personal trainer and that's really been a game-changer for me—I've seen a real difference in my body," Culpo says. "That's just a couple of times a week though, so on the other days I'll go to SoulCycle, FlyBarre, or Pilates, or I'll just run on the treadmill or go on a hike."


She Makes A Large, Healthy Breakfast

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

After her morning workout, Culpo says that she likes to eat a large breakfast, and she makes sure it's healthy. Culpo tells Well + Good that while she does occasionally eat out, she does have a go-to healthy recipe for breakfast. "At home, I love to make quinoa with egg whites, sauteed kale, sweet potato, and a little avocado on the side."


She Occasionally Cuts Out Carbs

Jacopo M. Raule/Getty Images

Culpo tells HollywoodLife that while she isn't anti-carbs, she does cut them out sometimes, especially when she's preparing for something important. "I try really hard. I really try to cut out carbs when I'm not working. When I'm preparing for something and being good, I cut out carbs."


She Loves SoulCycle

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Culpo tells HollywoodLife that she loves going to the popular SoulCycle classes. "I really do like SoulCycle. I just feel like it's an easy meditative way to work out. I can really zone out during that workout."


She Does 20 Minutes of Cardio Each Day

Pietro D'Aprano/amfAR/Getty Images

Culpo says that she tries to get in a quick cardio workout each day. In fact, she's encouraging her followers to do so on her Instagram. "I started something on my Instagram called the 20-Minute Cardio Challenge, and that is basically 20 minutes of cardio at whatever speed you want. I've been doing it with my followers encouraging them to join the challenge and just do whatever feels right for 20 minutes," she says to Hamptons magazine. "You want to get your endorphins going—get some movement going. It's just something that it doesn't feel too overwhelming. We'll get you moving, and before you know it, it's over."


She Believes in The 80/20 Rule

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Culpo tells Hamptons magazine that she's a fan of the 80/20 rule when it comes to dieting. This means splitting your diet between eating healthily 80% of the time, and indulging 20% of the time. Culpo says that this really works for her. "I stick to the 80-20 rule," she says. "Eighty percent of the time I'm really good, and then 20% of the time I allow myself to eat, not whatever but indulge a little more, I guess you could say. That's worked really well for me in general, especially this past year, where obviously everyone's just trying to find comfort wherever they can. Eating salad 24/7 is not going to give you that kind of comfort." 

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