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Paige Spiranac in Bathing Suit Says Happy Sunday

Here is how the golfer stays fit. 

Paige Spiranac is a snake charming beauty in her latest Instagram post. The golfer wears a snake print swimsuit, showing off her fabulous figure via her Instagram stories. How does the 29-year-old maintain her famous physique? Read on to see 6 ways Paige Spranac stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Eats Healthy and Exercises for Mental Health

Paige Spiranac/Instagram

Paige maintains that "Exercise and eating healthy" are responsible not only for her fabulous figure, but also her mental health. "My mood is significantly better when I workout daily and make sure I meal prep for the week," she said on Instagram. "As we get older, we lose muscle mass and function. But exercising regularly may reduce muscle loss and maintain strength. As we exercise, our bodies release hormones that help muscles absorb amino acids and boost muscle growth," says the Cleveland Clinic. "And according to a study, exercising while we're young helps build bone density, which can help prevent osteoporosis as we age."


She Does Intermittent Fasting

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Paige believes that intermittent fasting is a great method for looking and feeling better. "I start eating at 11am and I end eating at 7pm," she said during a What I Eat YouTube video. "I did it for three and a half weeks and I saw really good changes. I sleep better and my body feels better. It's fun to mix it up." "Like many diet trends, intermittent fasting may sound too good to be true. But this concept, while not new, has been generating buzz as data starts to back up potential benefits beyond just weight loss. Most recently, a study in the journal Cell Metabolism showed intermittent fasting may decrease risk factors for diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, for example," says the Cleveland Clinic.


She Loves CBD


"CBD's a miracle," Paige told The Sun. It's helped my relationship, my sleeping and my mood. It's helped my quality of life. She added that she "lives and dies" by CBD oil. "I feel like myself without the anxiety. When I was on medication, I didn't feel like myself. I hated that. With this I feel a little bit more calm. Now I take my 'liquid gold', my liquid CBD, and I feel so much better."


She Makes Simple Meals

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During Paige's What I Eat video, she shared a lot of her meals, which involve quick preparation items like canned veggies, pre-cooked rice, and frozen burritos. "I like things that are very easy," she said. "I think people are intimidated by healthy food because, one, it's expensive which is frustrating, but also it's time consuming to have fresh produce all the time and to make these health elaborate meals. I like to find hacks so I can make something that is healthy and also doesn't take a couple of hours." 


She Cheats

Paige has a few go-to cheat meals. "Definitely a hot dog. There is nothing better than a golf course hot dog. I can only eat my hot dogs with ketchup," she revealed on her Playing A Round podcast. She also loves ice cream. In one tweet she revealed that she had eaten ice cream for breakfast that day. And, during her video, she revealed that she has a massive sweet tooth and keeps lemon bars in her freezer.


She Doesn't Drink

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Paige isn't a drinker. "I don't drink alcohol pretty much at all," she said, revealing that she stopped drinking her senior year of college. "I hate being hungover. I don't like the feeling of it. I'm never really interested in drinking anymore," she admitted. "I think it's bettered my life. If you are ever struggling with your weight or mental health just try and cut alcohol out. It really helped me."

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