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Paris Hilton in Bathing Suit Enjoys "Magical Kisses"

Here is how the reality star looks just as fit at 40 as she did at 20. 

Paris Hilton is still on her Bora Bora honeymoon with new husband, Carter Reum – in spirit at least! The 40-year-old reality star dropped a new batch of swimsuit snaps on social media on Wednesday, showing off her famous figure as well as her love for her partner. "Magical Kisses in Paradise with my love," she captioned the images, adding the hashtag #honeymoonersforever. How does the star manage to look half her age? Read on to see 8 ways Paris Hilton stays in shape both mentally and physically and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Is Active

Paris manages to stay active, despite the fact she hates the gym. "Since they just shut down all of the gyms again, I thought it would be a fun video to post of how people could work out at home—with of course my Paris twist to it," she joked during a video she shot during the pandemic. "I never really work out in real life, because I am constantly so busy that my life is like a work out. Shopping is my cardio."


She Uses Fitness Gadgets

Presley Ann/Getty Images

Paris loves fitness gadgets. "​​I bought this thing called a Neurotris Full Body System, and I'm obsessed. I don't work out because I just don't have time, and I'm not really into it. So when I'm getting a facial, I just lie there and this machine attaches to your body and is basically like doing a million sit-ups. You just lie down and relax, but your whole body's being worked out the whole time. I think that's an amazing hack for working out and not actually having to do anything," she told Glamour.


She Prioritizes Sleep

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"Sleep is so important," Paris exclaimed to Well+Good. "I notice such a huge difference from when I used to have nightmares and not get sleep, because it would affect my entire day and I would be exhausted and not in a good mood. When I do get [good] sleep, I feel awake and energized and happy and in a way better mood." She added to the Wall Street Journal that she once suffered from "very bad insomnia" but that filming her documentary was "healing" and ended her nightmares. "For sleep, I probably need eight to 10 hours to feel really great the next day. My hours have changed so much; I used to be up so late at night and traveling 250 days out of the year and deejaying very late-night sets, so I used to wake up a lot later," she said. 


She Doesn't Diet

Paris isn't big on dieting, she revealed to People. "I just don't think I could go for 40 days without something. If I did, I'd probably just give up chocolate and McDonald's. I've never tried to give up anything before. I don't like diets. My weaknesses are cotton candy and French fries."


She Doesn't Skip Breakfast


Paris makes eating first thing in the morning a priority. "I get up around 7 a.m., it's the first day of the week, so I like to be on top of everything since I have so much to do. The first thing I do when I wake up is play with my puppies…. Then I'll go down to the kitchen and make breakfast for my puppies and myself," she told the Wall Street Journal. "I love cooking breakfast. It's one of my favorite meals. One of my favorite things to cook is banana French toast, so that with fresh-squeezed orange juice and Rice Krispies or Lucky Charms. It's my favorite breakfast." 


She Takes Supplements

Paris takes supplements to make sure she is getting the vitamins and nutrients she needs. "I like taking vitamin A, E and B, and biotin," she told the Wall Street Journal. 


She Stays Active Outdoors

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

"I've never been a gym person," Paris revealed to the Wall Street Journal. "My workout used to be just dancing, from being a deejay and having to go out at night and go to music festivals and things like that. But obviously with the world being shut down, it's different. So I like to do things that are fun, just being outdoors; I take my dogs for walks. I love going on hikes, playing tennis, going swimming, surfing, horseback riding, really just getting outside. Or shopping. That's my favorite workout." 

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