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Paris Hilton in Bathing Suit Had "Best Birthday Ever"

Here’s her take on life.

Paris Hilton just turned 41 and she had an amazing birthday getaway with her new hubby, Carter Reum. "Best birthday ever with my husband! 🥰❤️😍 #BirthdayQueen 🎂#SlivingInParadise ☀️🌴👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻✨," said the newlywed, from "paradise." She's been in the spotlight so long, it's hard to remember her ever not being there. That's partly because she looks exactly the same as she did in her 20s. How does she stay so fit and driven? Read on to see 5 ways Paris Hilton stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


This is What Drives Her

What drives Paris to promote her business and brand so hard? "From growing up in my family, it was a lot to live up to and something that runs in my genes and my blood and also just wanting to prove myself," she told Whitney Cummings on the Good for You podcast. "I didn't want to be known as Paris Hilton, the Hilton Hotel granddaughter. I wanted to be known as Paris. I've always just worked so hard just make my own name for myself."


She Believes in Lifting Up One Another

Robert Kamau/GC Images

"I love when people lift each other up," she said on an episode of This is Paris, when interviewing Bebe Rexha. "That's why I learn during quarantine," said Rexha. "Don't be hard on yourself and show yourself love because we tell people all the time, 'I love your dress, I love your headphones, I love your shoes'" but positive self-talk is good, too. "Look in the mirror and say, let's go baby."


This is Part of Her Skincare Routine


Paris says she's been into skin care ever since she was 7 years old. "It's always good to massage the product into your skin," she told Harper's Bazaar about her cleanser. "It always feels good after a day of shooting just to get your makeup off. Then I take my little cotton swab and make sure I got all my makeup off. Then I use my eye cream, which automatically depuffs. I wanted to develop something that makes a Photoshop look so it gives you that vibe. And I have my Foreo Iris, which gets the product in, and it's good for lymphatic drainage."


She Has Kept a Level Head

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Hilton grew up around fame and became famous. Is it healthy, asked Cummings? "I feel lucky, just from having a supportive family and growing up in this town and seeing it all, I've kept a level head on my shoulders. But I've seen other people crash and burn, come and go. It's really detrimental to mental health. The pressures of it all, the people that you meet—I've been through so much that nothing bothers me."


She Shares Her Life in Order to Help Others

"Now with social media, it's this whole new world where everyone is sharing everything and people overshare. With me I like to share my life. I share a lot of things I've never discussed before which helps other people to understand and relate to that. They go through the same things. So I've never been so open in my life," she told Cummings.

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