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Spice Girl Mel B Steams Up the Maldives in Her Swimsuit

The singer and TV judge enjoyed her vacation.

Singer and former Spice Girls member, Mel B, also known as, "Scary Spice," showed off her swimsuit body—as she suffers from post-COVID symptoms. The singer posted a collage of photos on her Instagram, detailing a trip to the Maldives. Two of the photos in the collage feature Mel in a leopard print bikini, likely a callback to her Spice Girls days. Mel is also seen posting in a hotel room, and laying out in the sea. We hope she'll be able to recover and get back there soon. Read on to see 7 ways Mel B stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Starts Her Day With A Smoothie

Mel B opened up about her wellness and weight-loss secrets to the website, Body and Soul. The singer opened up about her typical diet each day, and revealed that she likes to start her day with a smoothie. "I keep it simple. For breakfast I'll whip up a quick smoothie with coconut water, greek yoghurt, and whatever fruit I have around me, like banana and blue berries and granola."


She Eats Healthy Snacks Throughout The Day, And Limits Her Junk Food

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Mel B admits to Body and Soul that she's a bit of a snacker. However, she makes sure to eat healthy snacks throughout the day, and does indulge once in a while. She says, "I snack on a mix of Brazil nuts, almonds and fruit throughout the day." Mel also says that she likes to take healthy snacks on the go with her. "I'm always carrying around fruit and nuts! If I'm really organised I'll slice up some veggies and make up a tahini dip to take with me, too."


She Focuses on Her Abs

Mel B says that she loves to workout on her abs, and focuses on them the most. "30 minutes is a perfect amount of time to focus on your core," she tells Body and Soul. "I'll just go hard on my abs for half an hour, alternating between side planks, sit-ups, leg lifts, and some work with the med ball."


She Enjoys Her Workouts

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Mel B's main wellness and workout secret? Enjoy your workouts. In an interview with Body and Soul, the singer advises people, "Do what you enjoy. There's no point forcing yourself to do some workout you hate. If you're going to commit to looking after your body, love what you're doing so it becomes easy for you. And change things up if it gets boring!"


She Keeps Her Workouts Fun

Mel B tells Body and Soul that she tries to keep her workouts fun, and that she has a lot of ways to keep herself excited. "I never do the same everyday. Also really important is having great music to listen to; my favorite UK garage or 90s R&B. I love working out with a friend too so you kill two birds with one stone."


She Believes In Moderation


Mel B says to Body and Soul that while she tries to eat healthy, she isn't afraid to indulge herself once in a while. "For me it's all about moderation," she says. "So if my girls want to get a pizza on the weekend, we're going to get a pizza. I'd go crazy if I denied myself the occasional treat." Mel says that she does have a particular indulgence. "I try to keep my chocolate intake to two squares after dinner every other day."


She Makes Time To Workout

Despite Mel's busy schedule, she always makes time to exercise. "You can't be saying to yourself, 'I'm too busy,'" she says to Body and Soul. "Help yourself by preplanning your meals and locking in times to exercise, and stick to it! Just like a kid pack yourself a lunchbox. You've also got to be doing it for you, otherwise you'll never feel motivated to get out of bed!" Mel says that she makes sure to do her workouts early. "The earlier the better. If I can get my workout done by 7am, I feel great for the rest of the day."

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