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Sharon Stone Posts Makeup-Free Selfie From Home

The Rached star keeps it real.

Sharon Stone struck a chord today when she posted what looked like a make-up free selfie from her bedroom. "My day was a rollercoaster through heaven and hell," she wrote. "I've decided to be happy about what I've learned & whom I've connected with." Designer Vera Wang responded with six heart emojis. Lisa Rinna responded with eight! Chantelle Delaney responded with "There's that big ol beautiful heart of yours shining through again!" Model Cindy Crawford said: "Choose happiness!" Rosanna Arquette said: "Love light and gratitude" with two applause emojis. Read on to see 5 ways Sharon Stone keeps it real, and the photos that prove how great she always looks—and to get more celeb-inspiration, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Works Out Wherever She Can

""People think that you have to go to the gym and you have to do 3,000 pounds of weight all the time, but you don't," she wrote for Vogue. "You have to move your body, and add a little bit of resistance. Periodically throughout the day, I just move my body. I do it when I'm on set. I do leg lifts and back kicks and pop down on the ground and do some jackknifes. My crew is always like, 'That's so cool that you just throw down and do some kickbacks.' Also, I do all my 'arm jazz' with these lead weights. Pushing upwards for 15 minutes with a lead weight in your hand makes a lot of difference. I have little arm strap-on weight bracelets too, and I put them on while I'm on my computer or at my desk and just leave them on all day because you'd be amazed how much working out you can do on your computer with a couple of pounds on your arms."


She Meditates


"I listen to this meditation by Kiva called the Green Tara chant that I like a lot. Usually, I just sit at my meditation table in front of my bedroom couch, ring my bowl, and read from my texts. I have a variety of different Buddhist stuff, including a Buddhist book of lessons and these Buddhist scriptures by Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai that I look at. I also have different crystals that I like. Sometimes I chant," she told Vogue.


She Eats Clean


Stone said to Vogue: "Leading up to my second vaccine, I had to have the cleanest system. So I just did tofu and vegetables and only clear flat water. Typically, I don't have a lot of dairy and I go through periods where I just don't have it for a few weeks at a time when I'm trying to clear up my skin or I don't feel like my intestinal tract is as clean as I want it to be. I really like dark chocolate and stuff. At night, I usually eat some dark chocolate, but I just cut it all out. I cut out all the sugars, specifically. And I didn't even drink carbonated water. For dinner, I ate black rice and kale and yams, and maybe avocado or hummus and tofu, and then once a week I had poached eggs. I've got one of those little Alexas that are for the kitchen that you can just ask for any recipes, and that's been fabulous."


She Needs Eight Hours of Sleep

Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

How many hours does Sharon sleep? "Now I need eight," she told the Wall Street Journal. "Many years ago, I did a film about lucid dreaming [2007's When a Man Falls], which was really intriguing and wonderful. I started really studying and practicing the art of lucid dreaming and lucid dreaming as a form of meditation. So I super love sleeping, and I love this opportunity to work on lucid dreaming.


Here's Her Beauty Routine


"I wash my face with hot water and then I use my moisturizers. I try a lot of different things: serums and vitamin C things and anti-pollution [drops]. I just try out a lot of the things I get sent, and I very rarely get hooked on anything skin-care-wise. I've always been a big fan of La Mer for any beauty crisis; I think it's a great healing cream. I use a lot of different products, good old standard products like Gold Bond cream and Nivea and Walleda. These really standard go-to products. I think they're tried-and-true for a reason," she told WSJ.

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