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Sophia Bush in Bathing Suit Is "So Tumblr Circa 2017"

Here is how she stays fit. 

Sophia Bush is feeling super retro in her swimsuit. The actress flaunts her figure in her latest Instagram Story, lounging poolside in her bathing suit and looking super cool with a vintage-style filter. "This photo is so Tumblr circa 2017," she captioned the snap. How does the star maintain her fit physique? Read on to see 5 ways Sophia Bush stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Eats an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Sophia Bush/Instagram

After suffering from asthma for many years, Sophia claims that working with Dr. Will Cole, a functional medicine expert and the author of The Inflammation Spectrum and going on an anti-inlammatory diet was a game-changer. "I hate diet culture so much. But working with [Cole] made me realize that continuing to eat the things that are bad for your health isn't freedom. It's kind of like being in an abusive relationship," she told Women's Health.


She Drinks Her Breakfast

Shedrick Pelt/Getty Images

Sophia drinks her breakfast! She told Women's Health that she starts the day with three beverages: a big glass of water, a cup of bone broth, and coffee."Bone broth helps replenish from the night's dehydration," she said. "I keep a brown paper bag in my freezer and if I make an animal product, I put the bones in there to use later." 


Her Diet Is 50% Plant-Based

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Sophia maintains a diet that is 50 percent plant-based. She tries to eat lots of high protein veggies for her meals. For example, when she eats salad, she swaps out chicken for hemp hearts. One of Sophia's favorite dishes? Rosemary and garlic-stuffed Branzinowith some basil and swiss chard. She also loves to snack on seaweed.


She Works Out During Her Lunch Break

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Sophia devotes 20 minutes of her 30-minute lunch break doing Pilates. "I would just do like 10 or 20 minutes on my lunch break, and it really started to give me my spinal mobility back," Bush told Eat This Not That. "I noticed my breath got better. It was definitely decreasing stress at work."


She Boxes


Sophia's favorite workout? Boxing. "I love what it does for me mentally and physically. Boxing trains your mind in such a unique way. Plus, it's great for my job—all of the stunt work I have to do on Chicago P.D. is only enhanced by my ability to do intense physical choreography when I'm boxing regularly. I work out with an amazing trainer in Chicago named Robbie Cole. He's a scrappy English guy who kicks my ass, and we also laugh a ton while we train. I'm also trying to do more yoga—I feel like I'm always saying that, but it's true!—because flexibility is key to strength," she told Stylecaster.

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