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Suki Waterhouse in Bathing Suit is "Speechless"

Here’s how the triple threat stays fit. 

Suki Waterhouse is celebrating the success of her new song, "Good Looking." One Tuesday, the Brit model/actress/singer shared a clip for the music video of herself swimming in a bathing suit. "Made it to no #1! little speechless right now," she captioned the Instagram video. How does the 30-year-old keep herself so fit? Read on to see 7 ways Suki Waterhouse stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Works Out

Suki Waterhouse/Instagram

If you want a celebrity body, you are going to have to work for it. Suki explained to Harper's Bazaar that nearly every star you see on social media breaks a sweat. "Yes I work out," she said. She likes to mix up her workouts. "What I do really depends where I am. I'm really not good at running but I do love boxing. I also really enjoy this Barre class in LA called Physique Fitness 57, but you can definitely get the same kind of thing here in London."


She Mixes Slow Workouts with High Intensity

Suki Waterhouse/Instagram

Waterhouse told Harper's Bazaar that she likes to mix tough, high intensity workouts with slower ones. "I do really like vigorous exercise and being put through a bit of hell, but I actually don't agree that you should do too much tough exercise if you want to keep trim. Sometimes I get so into it and I just end up being really hungry, then I eat so much more and the result is that I become really quite muscly," she said. 


She Never Pairs Carbs with Protein


"I really live by something I read in this book from the '80s which I skimmed over years ago called 'Fit for Life' – it's very old school, but it basically says that you should never eat carbs and protein together," Waterhouse explained to Harper's Bazaar about her diet. "It is so difficult for your body to break them down at the same time, so just have carbs with vegetables or meat with vegetables instead. It means I can have a load of mashed potato, but then I just won't eat any meat with it or vice versa. I think a lot of feeling bloated or not feeling your best self is all to do with digestion and this tip has really helped me."


Exercise Gives Her Energy

Taylor Hill/WireImage

Suki told Get the Gloss that she works out not only to stay in shape, but to keep herself feeling good. "I do, I really enjoy it; I need to, I'm obsessed. I stopped working out recently as I was on a film and I was really tired and I then went to the gym a few times and found I was so much more able to perform with my body feeling that strength through it again. And mentally, I was going on set and able to do my job better as I felt stronger again," she said. 


She Does Yoga

Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Suki is also a yogi. "I do Vinyasa yoga," she told Get the Gloss. "I also go to TriYoga and hot yoga (not Bikram) and I do occasional Pilates, which I should do more of."


She Takes Supplements

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Suki is all about supplements. "I take Lyposheric C but it smells like goat poo! And I take magnesium which is good for muscles and for after training, and zinc and iron," she told Get the Gloss. "I'm a bit of a supplements addict – I have so many supplements – but I don't take them every day as it's not that much fun taking them. I also take aloe vera tablets which I like."


She Takes Three-Hour Long Baths for Self-Care

How does Suki recover from a broken heart? "I have a three-hour bath and eat a lot of cereal in the bath," Waterhouse told Well + Good when asked about how she treats herself post-breakup. Um, go on. "I love making coffee grain and honey masks and covering my body with it to exfoliate. It's quite bad for cleaning up after."

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